Al's Chickenette

700 Vine Street 
Hays, Kansas 67601
(785) 625-7414

Seven days a week: 11AM - 9PM

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Al's Chickenette - Hays, Kansas
Al's Chickenette restaurant
Al's Chickenette in 2012 - Hays, Kansas  (it is now red and has this art

Al's Chickenette in Hays, Kansas opened in 1949. The restaurant closed briefly in 2010 and changed hands twice since then. The present owner took over in 2013. This newest version of Al's has a smaller menu and has remodeled from a rustic look to more of a 50's diner. The prices are a bit higher, but it is still a good value.

The chicken restaurant has a wonderful old neon sign and a lot of history. It is clean and very reasonably priced. Prior to this latest update, Al's Chickenette was mostly on the list of Unique Kansas Restaurants for tradition and atmosphere, but the food is improved.

After sampling several dishes, the chicken fried steak has been the best dish by far. The hand breaded steak has a good tasting, peppery coating. I'm not quite as impressed with the fried chicken, but I think it is better than the famous Crawford County fried chicken restaurants in southeast Kansas.

The side dishes are also much improved The mashed potatoes is average, the green beans are above average and I really enjoyed the fresh cut, fried shoestring potatoes. On the most recent visit, the corn was below average.

The seasonal pies are not made in house (they come from Nebraska), but are very good. We had the apple and peach, with each one heated in the oven (they don't have a microwave) and topped with homemade ice cream. We were already full before the pie, but I almost felt like licking the plate.

Counter at Al's Chickenette restaurant
Al's Chickenette front counter

Al's Chickenette dining room
I liked the old rustic look, but the new look is clean and inviting

chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn
Chicken fried steak with fresh cut fries (and soup) - $9.95

"The Darrell," One piece breast dinner - $9.945

Apple pie and peach pie
Seasonal pies (apple & peach) $2.95 and homemade ice cream $2.50

Al's Chickenette Menu - Hays, Kansas
Al's Chickenette Menu from February 2018

Al's Chickenerre dining room
2012 back dining room before remodeling

This is art on the south wall of Al's Chickenette was done by the owner's daughter. She has also done some art inside.

Al's Chickenette Map - Hays, Kansas
Al's Chickenette Map

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