Cherryvale Historical Museum

215 E 4th Street
Cherryvale, Kansas 67335
(620) 336-2241

Open 2-4 PM Sundays from April to October
or by appointment

Cherryvale Historical Museum Map

Cherryvale Historical Museum - Cherryvale, Kansas
Cherryvale Historical Museum\
Cherryvale Historical Museum - Cherryvale, Kansas

Cherryvale Historical Museum in Cherryvale, Kansas is more interesting than many small town community historical museums.

Areas of interest include a nice small display devoted to the many brick manufacturers who were one located in Cherryvale and large exhibits devoted to famous or infamous former residents. An entire room is devoted to the Bender family, a group of 1870's serial killers who lived nearby and are called the Bloody Benders. For many years Cherryvale even had a festival related to them called "Bender Days."

There are also large displays devoted to successful actresses born in Cherryvale. Vivian Vance was born Vivian Roberta Jones July 26, 1909. She was an actress on Broadway, television and movies, best known as the supporting actress to Lucille Ball in the TV shows "I Love Lucy" and "The Lucille Ball Show."

Mary Louise Brooks was born November 14, 1906 and for a while live across the street from Vivian. As Louise Brooks, she began work as a dancer in New York City, but when on to Broadway reviews and then into silent movies in Hollywood and Germany. Her bob hair style made her an iconic representative of the flapper culture.

Ask the museum for directions to go by some of the homes where Vivian and Louise lived.

What I didn't find (and forgot to ask about while at the museum), was an exhibit about Frank E. Bellamy who may have written the Pledge of Allegiance (it is uncertain). There is a a small stone in his honor at the base of the flag pole outside.







Cherryvale Historical Museum Map - Cherryvale, Kansas
Cherryvale Historical Museum Map

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