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Most Haunted Atchison events have been
canceled for 2020, details below.

Atchison - most haunted town in Kansas

Haunted Atchison Trolley

Most Haunted Atchison events have been canceled for 2020, and the details in black below do not apply this year. The exceptions include self guided tours of the Sallie House, which are available Sunday to Thursday by appointment for $18/person and overnight stays which cost $125-150/night with a two person minimum. Details and Reservations

It is also possible to book an overnight stay at the McInteer Villa for $300-400 for up to 10 people. Details

Stating October 16, there will be self guided, socially distanced walking or driving Halloween Sprit Tours, which will include many decorated homes and businesses. Haunted Atchison Mystery Tours will be October 16 & 17, when for $75 you visit the McInteer Villa, Sallie House, walking tour of Mt. Vernon Cemetery, and a history and mystery walking tour. Details

Atchison, Kansas was named the "Most Haunted Town in Kansas" in the 1997 book Haunted Kansas: Ghost Stories and Other Eerie Tales. For many years Haunted Atchison Trolley Tours have been offered by the Chamber of Commerce in September and October.

The tours are so popular that motor coach tours supplement the trolley and they are still unable to to handle the demand. At peak weekends, they run additional tours on full sized coaches. This year the Haunted Coach tours are October 5, 12, 19 & 26.

The 1 hour ghost tours are offered Saturday evenings in September. Additional evenings are added through October and there are some tours in early November. The tours leave the Visitor Information Center in the 1880 AT&SF freight depot at 200 S. 10th Street. In recent years, there are even a handful of Summer Haunted Trolley Tours.

This reporter first took the Haunted Trolley Tour in 2004. The tour was fun, but would have been more effective if the guides provided all the commentary instead of the slightly cheesy tape recording. 

The Haunted Trolley Tour changes from year to year and different locations are visited. A tour guide said they could do three days of tours with different haunted locations in Atchison.

We have done this tour twice in more recent years, but no one reported seeing a ghost during either tour. While the guides describe some of their own experiences with Atchison's many haunted locations, they didn't say that there were ghost sightings on previous trolley tours.

Haunted Atchison keeps getting bigger every year. Other Haunted Atchison activities in 2019 include a weekend ghost hunt,  spirit communications, history & mystery guided walking tour, private home visits (including the famous Sallie House), on site investigations, paranormal investigation, murder mystery dinners, a witches weekend, and a haunted cemetery walking tour.  Advance tickets are required. 

The trolley tours sell out early, so contact the Atchison Chamber tours as early as possible at (800) 234-1854, or email trolley@atchisonkansas.net. Tickets are $13 (+$1 fee) for all ages.

The fall events in Atchison go on and on. Visit the Atchison Chamber of Commerce web site for details and to purchase tickets.

2019 Summer Trolley Schedule

Saturdays on June 8, July 6 & August 17 at
5, 6 & 7pm

Haunted McInteer house in Atchison, Kansas The first house on the 2019 tour is the McInteer Villa on Kansas Avenue. It was built by Irish Immigrant, John McInteer in 1890. John was a skilled harness maker.

Among the activities reported in this house are lights in the tower which has no lighting, ghostly figures appearing in the tower windows and in family photographs. When things are active, there are footsteps, other noises and doors slam shut.

The guide on my 2007 tour was a friend of the family who then lived in the house and had personal stories to share.

The McInteer Villa is just one of 24 buildings in Atchison on the National Register of Historical Places. Many of the homes are included on the tour of haunted houses.

Haunted McInteer villa
Different angle of the McInteer Villa.

Haunted Gargoyle House One of the most famous haunted Atchison homes is the Balie (B. P.) Waggener home on N 4th Street. Built in the mid 1880's by a railroad attorney and politician. Legend is that Waggener became wealthy through a pact with the devil and the gargoyles were place on the roof to honor the pact. The second owner of the home is reported as attempting to remove the gargoyles, but fell to his death on the staircase.

When the Travel Channel did a segment about haunted Atchison, Kansas, they brought paranormal investigator Sueanne Pool and Verle Muhrer to the Waggener home. Pool and Muhrer walked around the home and claimed to have felt the presence of ghosts and picked up the presence of ghosts on their special equipment.

The Atchison Daily Globe says that the "current owners - Paul and Marsha Adair - say that the figures are not gargoyles, but griffins that watch over the house."

gargoyle or griffin on the haunted B. P. Waggener home
The B. P. Waggener home  is another building on the National Register of Historical Places.

Haunted yard
This vacant lot in the 1100 block of Riley Street was once a road house. The road house may have been the eastern terminus of the Pony Express during the last few months of its brief existence.

Some people report hearing the sound of fiddle playing and dancing coming from this location.

The Old Hoof & Horn at the Riverhouse Restaurant is a part of the 2019 Tour. (now closed)

During a meal at the restaurant in 2007, I asked my server about the ghost, and she told me that a female ghost has been seen in the ladies rest room. She hadn't see the ghost, but had experienced a mirror flying off the wall and breaking, and a cell phone flying of a table and across the room.

The Riverhouse closed and was replaced by the Pepper Mill & Co, but that restaurant closed as well.

Haunted Old Hoof & Horn at the Riverhouse Restaurant.
Remember these are mostly private homes. Do not trespass.

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