Beethoven's #9
The Restaurant

2 W Piankishaw Street
Paola, Kansas 66071

Archive Page Only: Beethoven's announced that they are permanently closed on July 9, 2020.

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Beethoven #9, the restaurant
Beethoven's restaurant in Paola, Kansas.
Beethoven's 9th: The Restaurant - Paola, Kansas

Archive Page Only: Owners Jeanie & Linzi Weilert announced that they are permanently closed on July 9, 2020.

Beethoven's 9th: The Restaurant is a German restaurant just off the square in Paola, Kansas. Beethoven's 9th is only open Thursday through Saturday. The menu includes German food, steaks, seafood, hamburgers and other sandwiches. There are 20 side dishes, including hot German potato salad, spaetzle, red cabbage, sauerkraut, baked potato and Caesar salad.

After several visits I am quite pleased with Beethoven's 9th restaurant. Their Jaeger Schnitzel (pork loin - breaded and pan fried with creamy mushroom sauce) is so good that I almost licked the plate. Other dishes that I like include the cold potato salad, sausages, and hamburgers. Beethoven's 9th offers three types of hamburgers: sirloin, buffalo and chicken. The French fries and onion strings are nothing special.

The prices are reasonable and the servings of German food are large. The $12.99 sausage sampler appetizer is four large sliced sausages surrounding a large serving of sweet sauerkraut, and could easily be a meal. The sauerkraut is sweet and some of the best sauerkraut we have ever had. It is best when the mustard, sauerkraut and sausage are combined in the same bite. Beethoven's Finest Sampler for $17.99 could be a meal for 2 people.

The hamburgers start at $9.99 including the choice of one side dish. The burger is a full inch thick and stuck outside the bun around the sides. It was cooked perfectly to order.

Most of the desserts, including the signature cookies are baked on premises. Those cookies are a stand out. The chocolate chip cookies are thick like biscuits and have nearly as much chocolate as cookie batter. My favorite cookie is the peanut butter chocolate chip, but slightly under baked snickerdoodles are nearly as good. The cookies are $3 each and a single cookie weights about 1/2 pound.

Beethoven's dining room
Main dining room

Cookies and Desserts - Beethoven's restaurant
Desserts displayed on the bar near the cash register

Frikadellen - northern German meat loaf topped with a rich brown gravy - served here with
sauerkraut and red cabbage

zigeuner schnitzel at beethoven's Paola restaurant
zigeuner schnitzel (breaded, pan fried pork loin topped with sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms
and a red wine sauce) & onion straws

Jaeger Schnitzel at Beethoven's 9th - the Restaurant
Jaeger Schnitzel, cold potato salad and French fries

Beethoven's sausage sampler
Sausage sampler: bratwurst, weisswurst, nuernberger bratwurst and knackwurst served with sauerkraut and German mustard

Beethoven's Finest Sampler
Beethoven's Finest Sampler is a large platter of assorted sliced sausages sliced and served with potato pancakes,
schnitzel fingers, fruit, pretzel and a variety of dipping sauces

Bieroc (Bierock)
Bieroc (Bierock), traditional German sandwich with spiced ground beef and cabbage naked into homemade bread.

Bread pudding

Beethoven's 9th restaurant cookies
Cookies. For scale, that is a large dinner plate.

Beethoven's sandwich menu
Beethoven's German specialty menu
Click on Beethoven's menu from April 2017 for a larger image

Beethoven's Restaurant Map - Paola, Kansas
Beethoven's Restaurant Map

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