Bob's Grill

1014 North Broadway
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762
(620) 232-9738

Monday - Friday: 5AM - 1:30PM
Saturday: 5AM - 1PM

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Bob's Grill - Pittsburg, Kansas
Bob's Grill
Bob's Grill - Pittsburg, Kansas

There has been a restaurant at the location of Bob's Grill in Pittsburg, Kansas since 1946. It became Bob's Grill when Bob Maier purchased the building and remodeled the interior in 1964 The third and current owners are Rick and Terry Parsons, who took over the restaurant in 2003. Their 5 children grew up working in Bob's Grill and when they have married, their spouses became involved in the restaurant as well. Bob's isn't a mom and pop business, and they hope that someday their grandchildren will be running Bob's Grill.

This little restaurant is open only for breakfast and lunch, closing at 1PM on Saturdays and closed all day on Sundays. Breakfast is available until 11AM and lunch is available any time the restaurant is open. Bob's is particularly known for great, cheap breakfasts, and I really should try their breakfast some day, but I enjoy the burgers and fresh cut fries so much! Lunch is a bargain as well. A quarter pound cheeseburger, drink and fresh cut fries is only $6.25!

Bob's grill is in a small building, with a long counter that provides nearly half of the seating. The rest is at Formica tables which are shoehorned in wherever they can. The walls are covered with Pittsburg area sports memorabilia, some of which is autographed.

The service is casual, but friendly and attentive.

Counter at Bob's Grill
food preparation area

Counter and stools

Bride & Groom at Bob's Grill - Pittsburg, Kansas
Bride & Groom at Bob's Grill 

Single cheeseburger with fresh cut Suzie Q's

pork tenderloin with fresh cut French fries

Double cheeseburger with chili fries - Bob's Grill
Double cheeseburger with chili fries

Philly chessesteak - Bob's Grill
Beef Phily

Triple cheeseburger at Bob's Grill - Pittsburg, Kansas
 Triple cheeseburger served with pickle, mustard and onion - grilled onion if you wish

Bob's Grill Menu - Pittsburg, Kansas
Bob's Grill Menu from September 2020

Bob's Grill Map - Pittsburg, Kansas
Bob's Grill Map

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