The Breadbasket

219 North Main
Newton, Kansas 67114
(316) 283-3811

Monday - Thursday 6:30AM - 5:30PM
Friday & Saturday 6:30AM - 8PM    Sunday 10:30AM - 2PM

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The Breadbasket Restaurant - Newton, Kansas
The Breadbasket
The Breadbasket Restaurant & Bakery- Newton, Kansas

The Breadbasket in Newton, Kansas is a modest sized bakery and Mennonite influenced restaurant that is particularly known for its breakfast buffet and its Friday & Saturday night German buffet. The baked goods are all very good and the sausage is some of the best I have ever had. 

The $8.49 ($7.49 seniors, $6.49 ages 6-12, $.01 under 6) breakfast buffet is served Monday - Saturday from 6:30 - 10:30AM. The fresh fruit bar and breakfast buffet includes drinks, at least seven fruits, cinnamon rolls, fried potatoes, breakfast burritos, biscuits & gravy, bacon, sausage, fried ham, pancakes, scrambled eggs, and western scrambled eggs. Our favorite item is the French toast, which is so good it doesn't need butter or syrup.

But the Friday & Saturday evening German buffet is my favorite. Served from 4 - 8PM, the $13.99 buffet ($12.99 seniors, $9.99 ages 6-12, $.01 under 6) includes drinks, fresh breads, zwieback and homemade apple butter, a full salad bar, verenika with ham gravy, fried potatoes, baked ham, Yoder German sausage, hot German potato salad, and sauerkraut and sausage, chicken borscht, green bean & ham soups, cookies, German chocolate cake, tapioca pudding, cherry moos, and bohne beroggi.

I never liked borscht before, but the Breadbasket's borscht is made with cabbage and has no beets. It is one of the best soups which I have ever had.

Two of the desserts may be unfamiliar to most people. I first had cherry moos (creamy cherry soup) at the Mennonite Relief sale in Hutchinson and you should at least have a taste. But my favorite is the bohne beroggi. I had never heard of it before having it at the Breadbasket and wouldn't have tried it from the description, but it looked so good that I gave it a try. It is a warm pastry with sweet pinto bean paste inside and topped with a wonderful sweet, creamy sauce. Really wonderful!

On Sundays from 10:30 to 2PM, there is a $14.99 Five Meat Buffet  ($13.99 seniors, $9.99 ages 6-12, $.01 under 6)  featuring fresh baked dinner rolls, bread, salad bar, drink and dessert as well as a hot food bar with green beans, buttered corn, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravies, fried chicken, fantail shrimp, tilapia, roast turkey and a weekly rotating 5th meat. Although I don't find this to be the special treat that the Breadbasket's German buffets are, it is still pretty good. For the most part, I like the side dishes and deserts more than the meats, with the fried chicken and breaded fried shrimp being my favorite meats.

Dining room at the Breadbasket in Newton, Kansas
Breadbasket dining room

Breadbasket bakery pies
Fresh pies by the slice (not included with the buffets)

breads at the Breadbasket bakery in Newton, Kansas

Buffet line at the Newton Breadbasket
The Sunday lunch buffet

German breads at the Breadbasket Bakery
A selection of slice your own breads at the start of the buffet

German dessert bar - The breadbasket, Newton
German dessert bar with bohne beroggi at far left and cherry moos (in red)

Sunday dessert bar - The Breadbasket in Newton, Kansas
Sunday dessert bar - that day there was chocolate pudding cake, bread pudding, 
3 cobblers (1 sugar free) and soft serve ice cream (not pictured)

Breakfast buffet at the Breadbasket in Newton, Kansas
Breakfast buffet

Breadbasket map - Newton, Kansas
Breadbasket map

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