Burr Oak Museum & School

220 Kansas Street
Burr Oak, Kansas 66936

Open only on Memorial Day
or by Appointment

Burr Oak Museum & School Map

Burr Oak Museum - Burrr Oak, Kansas
Burr Oak Museum and School
Burr Oak Museum & School - Burrr Oak, Kansas

Burr Oak School & Museum is a community museum in Burr Oak, Kansas which is only open one day a year on Memorial Day, though there is a list of phone numbers on the door which may be called to see if someone can come let you in.

The museum is in a beautiful old post rock K-8 school. Unfortunately the building needs a lot of work and they are battling leaks.

Besides the beautiful building, the main thing which we found which would be likely interest visitors from outside the community is some items related to the famous college basketball coach Adolph Rupp, whose first coaching experience was while teaching at Burr Oak high school in the 1924-25 school year. Rupp played basketball at the University of Kansas before entering coaching. He is ranked seventh in total victories by a men's NCAA Division I college coach, winning 876 games in 41 years of coaching at the University of Kentucky. The items are not well displayed, but I think that may change in the near future as they realize the possible interest outside the community.

The school and Burr Oak Methodist Church (a block away) were designed by architect J.C. Holland. The church has really beautiful stained glass windows. The person who lets you in the museum may be able to open the church as well, or you can at least drive by at 974 Pennsylvania Street, Burr Oak, Kansas 66936.



Child's gingham suit
Hand made gingham suit from the 1880s

Adolph Rupp coaching exhibit
Adolph Rupp's teaching & coaching in Burr Oak (1924-1925)

Burr Oak Museum Appointment Contacts
People to contact to visit the Burr Oak Museum

Burr Oak Methodist Church - soon to combine into a community church

Burr Oak Museum and School Map - Burrr Oak, Kansas
Burr Oak Museum & School Map

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