Douglas Avenue Sculptures

Douglas Avenue between Main & Topeka

Georgia Gerber bronze sculptures - Wichita, Kansas
Naftzger Memorial Park
Naftzger Memorial Park along Douglas Avenue in downtown Wichita.

Thirty one bronze sculptures by Puget Sound, Washington artist Georgia Gerber were placed along streetscape of Wichita, Kansas along East Douglas Avenue in the late 1990s. The whimsical sculptures are incorporated into Lewis Reflection Square Park and the nearby sidewalks, some times incorporating small fountains.

The largest sculpture is a recreation of a dime store counter, placed in Lewis Reflection Square Park, which was once the site of a F. W. Woolworth store. Coincidentally, an event in the integration of the Wichita area happened at the nearby Dockum Drug Store in 1958. This sculpture was not built to specifically memorialize that incident, but the Georgia Gerber says that "the black man and his grandson were placed at the counter as an intentional acknowledgment of the Dockum Drug Store sit-ins and the peaceful integration it brought about."

Lewis Reflection Square Park
Lewis Reflection Square Park at the site of the former F. W. Woolworth  building. 


Georgia Gerber bronze Woolworth lunch counter
 Georgia Gerber bronze lunch counter on the former site of the F. W. Woolworth dime store. Some folks
bring their lunch and sit at the counter.

Georgia Gerber bronze sculpture and fountain along Douglas Avenue in Wichita

Georgia Gerber bronze statues
 These cows and ducks are some of my favorite Gerber bronze statues.

Carrie Nation Fountain - Wichita, Kansas
Carrie Nation Fountain relocated from Old Cowtown Museum
"Erected to the memory of Carry A. Nation by the Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Kansas, 1918."
No longer on Display

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