William Allen White
Emporia Gazette & Museum

517 Merchant Street
Emporia, Kansas 66801
(620) 342-4800
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Map to William Allen White sites in Emporia, Kansas

William Allen White bust
William Allen White bust at Peter Pan Park
Emporia Gazette and Museum - Kansas
Emporia Gazette and Museum

Emporia, Kansas is famous for William Allen White, who purchased the Emporia Gazette in 1895. In 1896, White's editorial "What's the Matter with Kansas?" made him nationally known. During the next 48 years, his editorials were republished around the world, he became a confident of Presidents, and he received the Pulitzer Prize. Ironically, as he matured he became less conservative and by his later years, William Allen White's position was the opposite from the editorial which first catapulted WAW into national prominence.

Today the Emporia Gazette is operated by the fourth generation of the White family. There is a small museum with old newspaper equipment including a Linotype machine, hand fed printing press, and samples of old comics. Tours are given by appointment during the Gazette's weekday hours. Contact them at news@emporia.com to schedule a visit.

Be sure to also visit the office off the main entrance to the building, which includes several generations of White family memorabilia.

William Allen White Emporia Gazette Museum
Emporia Gazette Museum


The cartoons were sent to the newspapers in the form on the left and used as molds to make
the plates on the right

William Allen White's desk

William Allen White
William Allen White

The Emporia Gazette in operation today.

The William Allen White House is open limited hours from April through October. For $5 you can see the home the Whites built, 19th century furniture and the Whites' curios from around the world. No photography is permitted in the home.

William Allen White House - Red Rocks
Red Rocks: William Allen White home, 927 Exchange Street, Emporia, Kansas

Let there Be Rain - Emporia Gazette April 27, 1939
Excerpt from "Let there Be Rain" April 27, 1939
Wall in White Memorial Park next to the Emporia Gazette. The park at 6th Avenue and Merchant Street
commemorates the contributions of William Allen White and his son, William Lindsay White. 

William Allen White Bust and Memorial - Emporia, Kansas
William Allen White Bust and Memorial - Peter Pan Park

Map to William Allen White in Emporia, Kansas
William Allen White Map

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