Erie Dinosaur Park

East 4th Street & Walnut Street
Erie, Kansas 66733
(620) 244-5330

Open the 2nd Saturday and the 3rd Sunday of each month (call for hours) and by appointment, but can still be appreciated when it is closed

Erie Dinosaur Park Map

The original Dinosaur Not so National Park
Kansas Grassroots folk art 

Erie Dinosaur Park - Erie, Kansas
Erie Dinosaur Park
Erie Dinosaur Park - Erie, Kansas

I first learned about Dinosaur Not So National Park on the PBS show Rare Visions and Roadside Revelations. The Dinosaur Park was located in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dorris on the north side of Kansas Highway 47, southwest of Erie, Kansas. When Bob retired from his work as an Air Force engineer, he began creating sculptures from junk metal. The yard was filled with wonderful, flowers, reptiles and dinosaurs. The largest were over 30 feet long.

Mr. Dorris passed away in 2007 at the age of 82, but for several years the family continued to permit visitors. In 2014, many of the dinosaurs were donated to the community and a new Erie Dinosaur Park open in town in 2015.

The park is only open two days a month, or by appointment, but these photos show how much the park can be enjoyed even when it is locked up.


Apatosaurus - Erie Dinosaur Park

Triceratops - Erie Dinosaur Park


T-Rex - Erie Dinosaur Parrk

Stegosaurus - Erie Dinosaur Park


Velociraptors - Erie Dinosaur Park

Ankylosaurus - Erie Dinosaur Park

Erie Dinosaur Park Map - Erie, Kansas
Erie Dinosaur Park Map

The original Dinosaur Not so National Park
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