Grazing Plains Farm

1532 South Grace Hill Road
Whitewater, Kansas 67154
(316) 461-3243

Self Service Store hours
Monday - Saturday: Dawn to Dusk
Sundays by appointment

Grazing Plains Farm Map

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Grazing Plains Farm - Whitewater, Kansas
Grazing Plains Farm - east of Newton, Kansas
Grazing Plains Farm - Whitewater, Kansas

Grazing Plains Farm is a 5th generation Mennonite dairy farm, southeast of Newton, Kansas with two artisan cheese makers. It is a working farm, but customers are welcome to carefully look around while not disturbing the workers. Tours can be arranged by appointment.

The farm has its own dairy store, a closet sized room with a refrigerator and freezer where they sell cheeses and raw milk. It is not staffed, so customers calculate the the amount owned and leave the cash in a sealed metal milk can. I bought elbing cheese, fromage blanc (cheese spread), farmstead cheese, havarti, cheddar, and cheddar curds. In general, these are mild flavored cheeses.

Most 4-7 ounce wedges of cheeses are $7-8. 2-5 pound wheels of cheese are $1-1.30 an ounce.

The self serve store is an 8' x 8' room with a display refrigerator, which was attached to the milking house. Customers calculate their own charges on the honor system and leave cash or a check in a milk can. Payment can also be made by venmo.

Most of the farm's milk is sold wholesale to a co-op, but the dream is for the farm to make cheese full time.

Dairy store at left

Cheese refrigerator

An assortment of Grazing Farm Cheeses

Payment milk can

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Grazing Plains Farm Map - Whitewater, Kansas
Grazing Plains Farm Map

Kansas Specialty foods
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