Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum 

110 West Main Street
Logan, Kansas 67646
(785) 689-4846

Monday - Friday: 9-12 & 1-4
Saturday: 9-12 & 1-5
Sunday and holidays: 1-5

Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum Map

Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum - Logan, Kansas
Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum
Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum - Logan, Kansas

The Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum is more of a community resource than a museum that will attract visitors to Logan, Kansas. Dane G. Hansen was a civic leader and very successful businessman in multiple fields. He was particularly successful in oil development and was one of the largest independent oil producers in Kansas at the time of his death on his 82nd birthday in 1965. The bulk of his fortune was left to the Dane G. Hansen Foundation.

Mr. Hansen was always interested in young people and the improvement of educational opportunities for students who live in the area he loved, is high among the objectives of the Trustees of the Hansen Foundation. In the fiscal year which ended in the 3rd quarter of 2015, the foundation had assets of over $388,000,000 and gave away over $16,000,000. Recent grants have included a $3,000,000 contribution to Fort Hays State University in 2015 and multiple grants to improve the quality of life for communities in the 26 counties of Northwest Kansas where Hansen's businesses operated. Nearly 300 renewable college scholarships are awarded by the foundation each year, ranging from $4,000 -10,000.

The Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum and surrounding Plaza were conceived by the trustees of the Dane G. Hansen Foundation as a means of memorializing the Hansen Family in a way that would give Logan, Kansas, and the entire area, new cultural and social opportunities. The museum recreates Mr. Hansen's office, tells of his achievements and exhibits items collected by the Hansen family, as well as art objects purchased by the Museum Association. The building also hosts traveling exhibits and provides cultural and social opportunities. 

Hopefully the museum will eventually devote space to the thousands of young lives which have been touched by Dane Hansen's generosity and tell about what they have done with their education.

Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum gallery
Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum main gallery

Ad Astra sculpture by  Richard Bergen
"Ad Astra" sculpture by Salina artist Richard Bergen - a 20' version  sits on top of the Kansas Capitol dome in Topeka,

Dane G. Hansen desk
Dane G. Hansen's office

European and Western guns

Dane Hansen was a close friend of President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Senator Bob Dole.

Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum Map - Logan, Kansas
Dane G. Hansen Memorial Museum Map

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