Benjamin Hobbs Grave Site 

Highway 99 
Howard, Kansas 67349

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Hobbs Grave Map

Benjamin Hobbs Grave - Howard, Kansas
Benjamin Hobbs Cemetery - Howard, Kansas
Benjamin Hobbs Grave Site - Howard, Kansas

The lonely grave of Benjamin F. Hobbs, is in a field along K-99, 2 1/2 miles north of Howard, Kansas. He was the first teacher in Elk County having taught in a log cabin on Paw Paw Creek during the fall and winter of 1869-70. Little is known about the school, but that it was a subscription school an there were believed to have been 16 students.

Benjamin Hobbs passed away at the age of 23, in 1871. The school cabin and his grave were both on his father's land. This spot is also called Hobbs Cemetery, but there is only the one known burial.

In 1933, the teachers and students in Elk County raised money to erect a marker and a fence separating the grave from the land around it. The gate is not locked and it is a short walk to the grave.

Fence around Benjamin Hobbs grave


Benjamin Hobbs Gravemarker
Benjamin F. Hobbs
Elk County's First Teacher
By Elk County's Teachers and Pupils

Benjamin Hobbs Grave Map - Howard, Kansas
Benjamin Hobbs Grave Map

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