The Potluck &
Rustic Roost

12205 West Illinois Avenue
Partridge, KS 67566
(620) 567-2093

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The Potlock - Partridge, Kansas
Rustic Roost and The Potlock - Partridge, Kansas
The Potluck store is in the building on the right. The steps on the barn on the left lead to an Airbnb.

Archive page only: The Potluck has closed, though Rustic Roost remains open.

We visited The Potluck in the country near Partridge, Kansas in March 2019. It is an Amish family farm and dairy which sells raw milk, eggs, meats and other items. The rugged old building housing the store is unattended, with a cash box where you make your own change on the honor system. Instead of change, some customers take a credit and use it on future visits. They even offer handmade gift certificates.

The Potluck is not organic, but practices chemical free farming. Some products from nearby farms may also be offered, but they are only from farms which follow similar practices. Dwight and Karen Miller are members of the Amish Mennonite church which is more tolerant of technology. Their congregation even has a web site, though it is very simple, consisting of only a list of recorded sermons and the option of giving online. The services are even available on YouTube Livestream.

I was going to buy some sausage and other meats, but there was no price list for the meats and no one was available to ask when I went back outside to look around and take more photos. There was no answer when I called the number on the sign on the wall. The next stop we were making was Grass Springs Dairy, a few miles away,  which offers similar products, so I decided to go on. Sadly, when we arrived at Grass Springs Dairy, we learned that it was permanently closed.

We definitely planed to stop at The Potluck the next time we are in the Hutchinson area. In addition to trying their products, the Rustic Roost is an Airbnb in the loft of the barn next to the dairy store. The single room B&B is only $75/night. Rather than preparing breakfast for the lodgers, breakfast ingredients (eggs, milk, locally grown pork, homemade bread, butter, jelly, cereal) are in refrigerator and you prepare your own.

The Potlock
The Potluck - Partridge, Kansas

The Potlock farm market- Partridge, Kansas
The Potluck store

eggs and raw milk at The Partridge market
Eggs and raw milk

Brown eggs from an Amish farm
Brown eggs

Frozen meats and raw milk at Amish farm in Kansas
Frozen meats and raw milk

Handmade cows' milk soap
Bossy Bars - handmade cows' milk soap.
This bar was $3.50. Slightly damaged bars may be available for a dollar.

The Potluck gift certificate
Handmade gift certificates

The Potlock Map - Partridge, Kansas
The Potluck Map

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