Yoder Meats
& Kansas Station

3509 East Switzer Road
Yoder, Kansas 67585
620-465-3807   800-952-6328

Monday - Saturday: 9AM - 6PM

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Yoder Meats - Hutchinson, Kansas
Yoder Meats
Yoder Meats - Hutchinson, Kansas

Yoder Meats in Yoder, Kansas is known for unusual cuts and types of meats, but they also sell locally produced Amish candies, cheese and baked goods. It is located in a small farming community south of Hutchinson, which is largely made up of Mennonite and Amish families.

Yoder Meats has a small Kansas gift shop and a much larger meat market with many products that are produced in their manufacturing facility next door. They offer samples of so many items that you could have a small meal. I keep telling myself that I will not try anymore, but then discover elk sausage or an unusual cheese.

We take along a styrofoam chest to take home such delicacies as smoked roast beef & cheddar sausage, liver sausage, buffalo summer sausage, mozzarella sausage and elk jerky. The smoked cheddar is one of the best sausages I have ever had.

Yoder Meats also sells fresh baked goods. Some are produced in house and others by local families. When a friend had one of their peanut butter star cookies, she said "Oh my god, its awesome!" 

In addition to buffalo, elk, and exotic meats like ostrich, Yoder Meats sells fresh and frozen traditional cuts like beef, pork, lamb and poultry.

Deli and dining area at Yoder Meats
Yoder Meats

Yoder Meats deli

Sausages and bacon at Yoder Meats
House made sausages and bacon

smoked ribs, hams, sausages and cheeses

Elk and buffalo jerky at Yoder Meats
Jerky and beef & buffalo snack sticks

Yoder meats' syrupand jellies
jellies, syrups, bread mixes and ice cream toppings

Kansas Station Gift at Yoder Meats
Kansas Station Gift and Confection Shoppe

Yoder Meats Map - Yoder, Kansas
Yoder Meats Map

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