Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q

2001 W 103rd Terrace
Leawood, Kansas 66206
(913) 383-1752

Gates & Sons BBQ Map
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Gates Bar-B-Q - Leawood, Kansas
Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q - Leawood, Kansas

Gates & Sons Bar-B-Q on State Line Road in Leawood, Kansas has little changed over the years. Gates is an old Kansas City, Missouri BBQ chain with 6 locations in the metro area, including this one off I-435 and one in Kansas City, Kansas.

The counter where food is ordered forms a "T" with cash registers to each side, and shortly after getting in line, you hear a shouted "Hi, may I help you?" It can still be a long time before the people in front of you get their food and you are served, but at least you are greeted right away.

The menu on Gates' wall isn't very informative. When it lists the dishes, it doesn't list sides or explain what sides or choice comes with them. It usually quite loud in this restaurant and new customers can have a hard time finding out the details and ordering.

My favorite dish at Gates Bar-B-Q is the Combination plate - three ribs, beef brisket, ham, French fries, bread and pickles for $18.75. It is really too much meat for one person, but no smaller combination meals are offered. 

All three meats are good, but I think that Gates Brisket is the real standout item, with good flavor, appearance and texture. Gates uses hickory in the smoking process and all of the meats have a smoky flavor. I am not normally a big fan of BBQ ham, but Gates' ham is a little thicker sliced and tastes great. The regular sauce is pretty spicy, and served heavily covering the meat. I recommend that first time diners order the meat dry so they can select which sauce they prefer and how much to use.

The French fries are thick like a steak fries. They are not freshly cut, and during my last two visits they have definitely been the weak part of the meal..

The first Gates BBQ restaurant was opened at 19th & Vine in Kansas City, Missouri in 1946, and Gates BBQ sauces have been available in regional grocery stores since 1975. There are four varieties, all vinegar and molasses based. Gates barbecue seasoning dry rubs were added to the lineup later.

Gates and Sons counter
"Hi, may I help you?"

Gates Bar-B-Q Combination plate - three ribs, beef brisket, ham
Gates Bar-B-Q Combination plate

Gate's BBQ MenuGates BBQ Menu Leawood, Kansas
Gates BBQ Menu from December 2011

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Gates & Sons BBQ Map

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