The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q

5047 Welborn Lane
Kansas City, Kansas 66104
(913) 287-9560

Wednesday: 12-4PM  6-10PM
Thursday - Saturday: 12-8PM

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The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q - Kansas City, Kansas

The Kansas City BBQ Bistro's Hickory Log BBQ - Kansas City, Kansas

The Kansas City BBQ Bistro's Hickory Log BBQ (Yes the name is that long) opened in the old Hickory Log BBQ building in Kansas City, Kansas in August of 2022. There has been a BBQ restaurant at this location since the 1950s.

We ordered the $45 "Clay Can" BBQ Bistro Sampler, which came with 1/2 slab pork ribs, the choice of two 4 oz smoked meats, and 1/2 chicken served with bistro sauce, pickle and two slices of bread. We added seasoned fries and onion rings for $7.

The chicken was much larger than most Kansas City BBQ restaurants serve. It was well seasoned and flavored in the smoking and needed no sauce. The ribs were also good and didn't require sauce. Their texture was just right!

We selected brisket and sausage for the sliced meats. Neither of them had much seasoning and I did want sauce on them. The sausage is made in house. The platter came with two small cups of sauce, hot or sweet. The sweet was a typical KC ketchup based sauce and I liked it as much as any. The hot didn't seem hot, but had a significantly different vinegar flavor.

The fries were crinkle cut and had been previously frozen. They were fairly heavily seasoned with what tasted like the rub used on the meats. The "onion rings" were actually onion petals. Not bad, though I did want ketchup for them.

We went home with enough meat to have 2 or 3 more meals for two people. 

They weren't very busy, but seemed to be have difficulty keeping track of the orders and bills. One larger party took 5-10 minutes to check out.

The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q dinning room

Clay Can BBQ Bistro Sampler at The Hickory Log
"Clay Can" BBQ Bistro Sampler

Onion petals and seasoned fries

The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q Menu
The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q Menu page 2
The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q Menu from September 2023

The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q Map - Kansas City, Kansas
The Hickory Log Bar-B-Q Map

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