Snead's Bar-B-Q

1001 E 171st Street
Belton, Missouri 64012
(816) 331-7979

Open 11AM - 8PM Tuesday & Sunday
11AM - 9PM Wednesday - Saturday

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Snead's Bar-B-Q - Belton, Missouri
Sneadís Bar-B-Que
Snead's Bar-B-Q - Belton, Missouri

Snead's Bar-B-Que was started in 1956 by Bill Snead on his family's farm west of Belton, Missouri. He enlarged the restaurant several times and continued to operate the restaurant until his death in 1994. Although it is no longer owned by the original family, many of the traditions and recipes have been continued to today.

Depending on which ones you pick, the smoked meats run a spectrum from some of the best in the city to ones that are just so-so, but I have been impressed with all of the sides I have tried.

Single meat diners are served with with the choice of one side, pickles, toast and a small cup of coleslaw. The toast is a nice step up from serving just slices of white bread. If you like sweet coleslaw, I think you will be very happy with the slaw at Snead's and may wish to order a regular sized serving.

Combination diners come with two sides and you can pick 2, 3 or 4 meat combinations.

Hands down, my favorite meat is the beef burnt ends, which are called "brownies" at Snead's. They have wonderful flavor from the smoking and very little fat. I actually would like a little more fat, but this is healthier and probably more popular. The other meat I strongly recommend is the smoked chicken. The half chicken is a little small, but has a nice flavor from the smoking.

I give sausage brownies a medium rating, and the pork ribs, brisket and thin, length wise cut sausage weaker endorsements. They didn't have much flavor from the smoking, but at least the brisket and ribs ere well trimmed and had little or no fat.

The main house barbecue sauce was on the table and was a little sweet. The server brought the hot barbecue sauce. which had a distinctly different flavor, primarily black pepper. I kind of liked the hot sauce on the sausage.

Fresh cut fries are usually my favorite side with Kansas City barbecue, but the sweet, meaty, smoky beans were the star of the meal. As good of beans as I have had in a restaurant. So good I had them again on my second visit, even though I was wanting to try more of the menu. 

On my first visit the fries were not very warm and tasted like they has been sitting for a while. They were much better on our second visit.

The onion rings are not available as a side, but are available as an appetizer. The rings were crispy and very good with a mild batter which let us enjoy the flavor of the onion. They were so good, that at the end of the meal, the cold ones still were very good.

The tables are well spaced, the booths not so much. Also there are two very long picnic tables on the edge of the parking lot. One of them receives some shade. 

Senior plates, available for age 65 and older and for dine in only. start at $8.50.

Snead's Dining Room
Main Dining Room

Snead's BBQ Sauce
Regular sauce (sweet) and hot sauce (black peppery)

sausage, brisket and pork ribs
3 meat combination with sausage, brisket and pork ribs plus baked beans and fresh cut French fries for $20.99

Brownies (burnt ends)
Small Brownies meal, 1/2 beef & 1/2 sausage $11.99

smoked chicken - Snead's BBQ
1/2 smoked chicken $12.99

Onion ring appetizer
Onion rings $5.99

Picnic tables in the parking lot

Sneadís Bar-B-Que Menu - Belton, Missouri
Snead's BBQ Menu from September 2021

Snead's Bar-B-Q Map - Belton, Missouri
Snead's Bar-B-Q Map

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