Wolfepack Barbecue

 910 East 5th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
(816) 268-0770
Wednesday-Saturday: 11-9   Sunday: 11-5

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Wolfepack Barbecue - Kansas City, Missouri
Wolfepack BBQ
Wolfepack Barbecue - Kansas City, Missouri

Wolfepack BBQ is one of they many new BBQ restaurants to open in the KC metropolitan area. Wolfepack opened in the Columbus Park neighborhood a few blocks east of the City Market in Kansas City, Missouri in August 2023. The building has two dinning areas (one of which can be opened to the weather with garage doors and an outdoor patio. A full service bar occupies a large part of a wall in the main room.

This review is based on three visits. All of them have been on week days and beef burnt ends are only available on the weekend, so I can't comment on them. The six meats which I have sampled have been great, smoked and well seasoned with a sweet, but slightly spicy rub. For the most part, I have not wanted to add sauce to the meats.

There are two squeeze bottles of sauce on the tables, Original BBQ & Spicy BBQ. They are both tangy, dark and slightly sweet. Kind of like a thicker version of the sauce at Chef J BBQ. I wouldn't select them for most meats, but think they work best with with beef brisket.

My favorite meat has been the pork ribs, but I would be happy to have any of the meats again. I enjoyed both the flavor and texture.

My second favorite has been the smoked wings (3 whole wings for $10). They are not on the menu, but have been available as a special on two of the three times we have been at Wolfepack. The wings are nicely smoky and the finishing in the fryer gives the skin a nice texture. After consulting with the server I went the Buffalo sauce and was quite happy with it.

On my most recent visit, I ordered a $16 two meat sandwich with brisket and pulled pork. It is sold a la carte. The meat is pretty thick and served on a bun, but it doesn't feel that big for its price point. It seemed like less meat than a single meat sandwich a mile away at Arthur Bryant's. I think their pulled pork is better than most. The brisket is harder to review, because different people tend to expect different things in beef brisket. I would say that it is in the mix of places offering better brisket in KC. I would actually prefer that the sandwich be served on bread.

The dishes come with house made pickles and pickled red onion. This isn't uncommon with the newer Kansas City BBQ restaurants. I found them just OK.

So far I have tried three of the sides. The sides are slightly less successful. I thought the battered fries were better than most, enjoying them slightly more as I eat more of them, and I'm not really a battered fries fan. The red onion rings looked and taste quite bit different than rings sweet onions. They were still fairly good, but I find myself not ordering them again.

The Thai peanut sweet potato salad sounded very intreging, but I took only three bites. It is served cold and the sweet potato was either uncooked or very slightly cooked. It is not at all tender and the flavor does not appeal to me. I'm still struggling to find a go-to side dish that I would make a point of getting.

There are no desserts listed on the menu, but during my last visit, I asked if they had any house made desserts. My server said that they have multiple cheesecakes that are made in house. When I asked for a recommendation, he suggested the sweet potato cheese cake, but said that the berry one is good also. The sweet potato New York style cheesecake came out quickly. I thought it was pretty good and it is nicely priced at $6.

Service has been friendly. Although they haven't always been quite as attentive as I might wish, they respond well to requests and have been good about describing dishes and making suggestions on what to order when requested. 

Wolfepack uses a combination of oak and hickory wood in their smoker. 

Wolfepack BBQ's website is one of those annoying ones which don't list their menu, but make you go to an ordering program which makes it hard to look at their selection and prices. They also don't provide a phone mumber on their website or listing on Google.

Main dining room

Three meat platter - Wolfepack BBQ
 $30 three meat platter of pork ribs, pork belly burnt ends and jalapeno cheddar sausage, which comes with the choice of 2 sides.
We selected French fries and red onion rings ($1) up charge.

Two meat sandwich - Wolfepack Barbecue
$16 two meat sandwich and $3.50 fries

$10 three wings and $3.50 Thai peanut sweet potato salad

Sweet potato cheesecake - Wolfepack BBQ in Kansas City
$6 Sweet potato cheesecake

Wolfepack Barbecue Menu - Kansas City, Missouri
Wolfepack Barbecue Menu

Wolfepack Barbecue Map - Kansas City, Missouri
Wolfepack Barbecue Map

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