Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que
11610 Kaw Drive
Kansas City, Kansas 66111
1.5 miles east of Bonner Springs

This is an archive page only.
Papa Bob's closed July 2018.

Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que on Man Vs. Food
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Papa's Bob's Bar-be-Que - Bonner Springs, Kansas
Papa's Bob's Bar-be-Que
Papa's Bob's Bar-B-Que - Kansas City, Kansas

This is an archive page only. Papa Bob's closed July 2018.

Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que opened in 2007 has a cool vintage dinner look, which is my favorite part of the restaurant. Although it is located a mile and a half east of Bonner Springs and a mile and a half west of Edwardsville, Papa Bob's has a Kansas City, Kansas street address.

One of the best choices for first time visitors to Papa's Bob's is the Deluxe Meat Platter (2 ribs & 2 sliced meats, plus the choice of 2 sides) for $16.

The ribs have consistently been a bit tough, but have a good hickory smoky flavor. The pork is a little bland, but brisket is better and the sausage is quite good - both the the course ground sausage that Papa Bob's starts with, and the flavor from smoking. The best meats are either the sausage or the burnt ends, which are cut into small bits that have excellent flavor from the hickory smoking. They are well done and tender. 

"Taner's Terriifical smoked wings" are 10 small, dark wing thirds which are fairly tough, but have the same nice hickory flavor as Papa Bob's other smoked meats. There really isn't very much meat for $9.

The fried catfish fillets are a nice size and average, though they make a decent alternative for customers who do not want BBQ. 

The slaw is made with very little sauce and tasted like sweet cabbage. The beans are smoky and even sweeter - still quite good despite no noticeable meat mixed in. They are served very warm in a mug. The crinkle cut french fries are ordinary frozen fries, but at least they are crisp.

Papa Bob's menu said that the onion rings were "not home made... but they look and taste like they are." They were better than the fries, but no one would mistake them for home made. My favorite of all the side dishes is the very sweet, mildly horseradish flavored bread and butter pickles which are actually Nathan's Gourmet Sweet Horseradish Pickles which can be bought at many grocery stores.

Service has been mixed, but quite friendly. The paper towel holders have flags which customers are supposed to raise when they want service, but they don't make a point of telling people and they are easy to miss seeing. There are a few small signs about the flags on the walls, but they are easy to miss.

Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que appeared on the Travel Channel's Man Vs. Food on August 11, 2010 and hosted a watch party that evening. Adam Richman took the "Ultimate Destroyer Challenge" on May 12, concluding two days of filming the restaurant. 

The Ultimate Destroyer is a 12" hoagie with a half pound each of pulled pork, sliced pork, ham, turkey, brisket and sausage. It also has 3 half pound smoked hamburger patties and 4 slices of bread. It must be eaten with a half pound of fries and four dill pickle spears or 4 jalapenos. You pay $58 in advance, but get your money back if you can eat it without a bathroom break in 45 minutes. 

If you succeed, you also get your picture on the Papa Bob's Wall of Fame.

The Man Vs Food TV episode really didn't make the food at Papa Bob's look very appealing.

Papa Bob's service Pepsi products from the fountain, or Coke products from the can.

Cigarette smoke was an issue during our first visits to Papa's Bob's Bar-B-Que when it was a few years old, but Kansas enacted a state wide smoking ban a few ears ago and it is no longer be a problem. 

Papa Bob's main dining room - notice the flags on the paper towel holders

Papa Bob's Deluxe Meat Platter - Bonner Springs, Kansas
Deluxe Meat Platter (2 ribs & 2 sliced meats, plus the choice of 2 sides)

fried catfish - Papa's Bob's Bar-B-Que
Fried catfish

Papa Bob's customer maps
World and USA maps of customers' hometowns

Papa Bob's Wall of Fame photos of customers who ate the Ultimate Destroyer
Papa Bob's Wall of Fame

Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que menu - Bonner Springs, Kansas
Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que menu from January 2018

Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que menu
Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que sandwich menu from January 2018

Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que map - Kansas City, Kansas
Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que map

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