Slap's BBQ
553 Central Ave
Kansas City, Kansas 66101
(913) 213-3736

Monday - Thursday: 11AM - 8PM 
Friday & Saturday: 11AM- 9PM
Sunday: 11AM - 5PM
or until the meat is gone

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Slap's BBQ  - Kansas City, Kansas
Slap's BBQ
Slap's BBQ  - Kansas City, Kansas

Slap's BBQ in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas has been very popular since opening in June 2014. We first went to Slap's a few months later, but there was a long line standing in the rain. Over time, the dinning area has been expanded with a covered patio and they have learned how to prepare the food much faster. They also greatly expanded the hours they are open.

We have not had an excessive wait in several years.

The restaurant is operated by brothers Mike and Joe Pearce, who are members of the Squeal Like a Pig BBQ competitive barbecue team/ Three members of the team opened the restaurant, though only the brothers are there today. "Slap's" is made from the first letters of Squeal Like A Pig. The team still competes, but not as often as they once did.

My favorite item, by far, is the ribs. The St. Louis style cut pork ribs are tender and have an excellent slightly smoky flavor that has been well seasoned with their rub. The sausage is also very good. The large chunks of burnt ends have been the least exciting meat. They taste good, but are more mildly seasoned than is typical in our favorite Kansas City burnt ends.

The meats are served dry (without sauce), and sauce was available in a squeeze bottle on the table. The sauce is the most unusual thing about this barbecue. It is a thin, very sweet sauce like that served with some appetizers in Chinese or Thai restaurants. While it may have its fans, I believe they could use a second, less sweet sauce. Fortunately the meats are good without sauce.

We are told that the brisket is their most popular meat, but I find it dry and just OK. Ask the person carving the meat to au jus to the pulled pork and it is much better.

The sweet sauce goes well with the smoked turkey, though that is the only meat which I would use the sauce on. The baked beans are meaty, but a bit too sweet for our tastes, but Slap's offers jalapeno pepper slices if you have the beans and I thought the peppers made the beans very good. The fries are lightly battered and the only part of the meal which I don't bother to finish. The cheesy corn needed just a touch of salt to be very good. The warm baked potato casserole is the only unique side and is our favorite side, by far.

The cashier came around to talk to us during one of our early meals and explained that she was the mother of the brothers who at the start were two of the three original owners. She is a real estate agent and her work schedule provides the flexibility to let her help out during the four hours Slaps was then open each day. She brought us samples of their hushpuppies and the house cheese spread for dipping. The hushpuppies tasted good and added a nice, slightly crispy compliment to the meal.

Slaps BBQ on Burgers, Brew & Que

Slap's BBQ appeared on Sweet and Savory, the 2nd episode of season 2 of Burgers, Brew & Que. Host Michael Symon enjoyed the pork ribs, smoked turkey and baked potato casserole. We learned during this episode that Slap's rub is made with salt, sugar, brown sugar, chili powder, paprika, onion powder, garlic.

Slaps BBQ on Burgers, Brew and Que on the Food Network

Slap's counter and about half of the dining room, prior to adding a door and a patio at the left

Slicing sausage at the counter

$19.95 Sampler Plate with brisket, pork, turkey, sausage, two large sides, bread & pickles

$14.99 burnt ends combo plate with two sides, bread & pickles, plus two ribs for $4


Slap's BBQ Patio

These were Slap's smokers next to the restaurant in 2015. They smoked about 44 slabs of ribs each day at that time.

Slap's BBQ
Slaps when it was starting out in 2014

Slap's BBQ menu  - Kansas City, Kansas
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Slap's BBQ Map  - Kansas City, Kansas
Slap's BBQ Map

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