Kansas Oil Museum & Butler County History Center
383 East Central Avenue
El Dorado, Kansas 67042
(316) 321-9333

Memorial Day - Labor Day
Friday: 10AM - 4PM   Saturday Noon - 5PM

Rest of year
Tuesday - Friday: 10AM - 4PM   Saturday 9AM - 5PM

Kansas Oil Museum and Butler County History Center
Kansas Oil Museum Map
Oil wells and derricks at the Kansas Oil Museum

Kansas Oil Museum and Butler County History Center is a museum complex in El Dorado, Kansas. The museum has attractive well labeled displays, a Legacy Wall (Hall of Fame), oil industry equipment and a recreated oil boom town main street. 

The History Center's 10 acre outdoor exhibit area has historic old oil field equipment. This was the part of the museum complex which I found to be the most interesting. Several buildings have also been moved to museum, to recreate a portion of a 1920s oil boom town main street.

I think that most visitors will spend about an hour at the Kansas Oil Museum, but someone with the right interests might spend a couple of hours or more. Admission is $4 for Adults, $3 for Senior Citizens, and $2 for Students ages 6-18.


Pester Refining Company scale model - El Dorado, Kansas
Partial model of the Pester Refining Company

Electrically driven oil field pumping units

Oil boom town main street

Doctors office in the oil boom town

Kansas Oil and Gas Hall of Fame
Kansas Oil and Gas Legacy Gallery (Hall of Fame)

Kansas Oil Museum Map - El Dorado, Kansas
Kansas Oil Museum Map

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