Koch's Service Station Museum

 212 Main Street
Baileyville, Kansas 66404
(785) 336-1778

free - open by appointment only

Koch's Service Station Museum Map


Koch's Service Station Museum - Baileyville, Kansas
Koch's Service Station Museum
Koch's Service Station Museum - Baileyville, Kansas

As we pulled up to Koch's Service Station Museum in Baileyville, Kansas, we first noticed the old Philips 66 station across the street, where there is a 1930s gasoline pump and where a vehicle was being fueled (full service) from a 1960s gasoline pump. As we parked in front of what looked like a 100 year old Conoco Station, the man who had been fueling the vehicle came across the street to greet us.

Greg Koch introduced himself and said that everyone calls him "Beaver." He went on to explain that he had built the museum building, which looks like a classic old service station, in 2020, just to display his collection of antique gas station materials. Beaver told us that he has arranged for the museum to continue indefinitely. He then gave us a short tour of his service station memorabilia and also showed us his recently opened 3 space RV park which is just up the street. The park paid for itself in the first year.

Even with Beaver explaining some of the tools and photos, looking at the item exhibited in the museum doesn't take very long. The most interesting thing at Koch's Service Station Museum is Beaver himself.

Your last chance to have Beaver fuel your vehicle ends in early October, when he retires and the Philips 66 gas station across the street is available for sale. The museum and RV Park will continue and he will arrange for someone to meet visitors when he is out of town.

Koch's Service Station - Baileyville, Kansas
Koch's Philip's 66 Service Station

antique gas pumps
1930's gas pump and one from the 1960s which is still in use

Greg Koch - Baileyville, Kansas
Beaver Koch showing us his new museum

The entire museum

Antique gas pumps and oil cans

Koch RV Park - Baileyville, Kansas
Koch RV Park

Koch's Service Station Museum Map - Baileyville, Kansas
Koch's Service Station Museum Map

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