Bowersock Mills & Power Company
546 Massachusetts Street    Lawrence, Kansas 66044
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Plant Manager, Rich Foreman, with the switchboard - each column regulates the output from one turbine

The Bowersock Mills & Power Company in Lawrence, Kansas has been certified as a "low-impact" hydropower facility by the Low Impact Hydropower Institute. This means that in comparison to other hydroelectric power plants, Bowersock's environmental impact is limited. Only a small number of hydroelectric plants receive this designation.

Usually the low impact designation requires a fish ladder which could have cost more than a million dollars, but the Bowersock Dam is actually protecting the Kansas River by providing a barrier to an invasive species of Asian carp.

Bowersock dam's impact is fairly low profile and the pool formed behind the dam goes only about a mile and a half up the Kansas River. The same pool provides the water supply for the city of Lawrence. The new turbines added in 2013 required that the stack be raised from 21 to 22.5 feet and the pool increased another 100 or so yards up the Kansas River.

Solid state power controllers - Bowersock power plant
Solid state power controllers above the switch board regulate the voltage and frequency

Bowersock Dam - Lawrence, Kansas
Bowersock Dam and construction of the new north building in 2011

synchroscope at Bowersock hydroelectric plant
The synchroscope measures and displays the frequency difference and phase angle between Bowersock's output and the
power grid. It only allows them to connect when the difference is zero

Bosersock power plant fore bay and turbines
Bowersock power plant flume - note the floating logs which divert debris to an outlet

Bowersock Mills floorplan
Bowersock Mills & Power Company generator / entry floor plan

The wall of the flume shows different time periods - the stone wall with two windows at right date from the 1874 Douglas County Mills,
the white structures in the background were silos for the flour mill and were incorporated into the foundation of the Lawrence City Hall at the back

hydroelectric plant turbine wicket gate
Repairs being made to the wicket gate for turbine #7

Massachusetts Street Bridge and Bowersock Dam - Lawrence, Kansas
Massachusetts Street Bridge and Bowersock Dam with the north shore plant expansion on the far side of the Kansas (Kaw) River

Fisherman in the Kansas River below the Bowersock Dam

Initial phase of construction of the $25 million Bowersock Mills & Power Company north expansion, the new facility is expected to
be completed in the spring of 2013

Bowersock power plant expansion
The 2012 hydroelectric expansion

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