Cronin's Bar & Grill

12227 West 87th Street Parkway
Lenexa, Kansas 66215
(913) 322-1000

11 AM - 2 AM Daily
Kitchen open 11 AM - midnight weekends
11 AM - 10 PM Sunday - Thursday

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Cronin's Bar and Grill - Lenexa, Kansas
Cronin's Bar and Grill
Cronin's Bar & Grill - Lenexa, Kansas

Cronin's Bar & Grill in Lenexa, Kansas is more bar than grill, but the kitchen does a great job. It opened in 2011 and quickly became the best local place for burgers and hand cut fries. The kitchen is open until 10 PM through the week and until midnight on Friday & Saturday.

At lunch time the bartender is the only server and it may be easier to dine at the bar, but Andrea, the weekday bartender works hard to provide good service throughout. By the third time you visit, she is learning your name and will greet you by name going forward. I think they try to provide as good of service in the evening, but seem to often be short handed.

The basic burger is great and has been added to our Best Kansas Burgers list. The bun is good and toasted. The 1/3 pound burger is only $9.50 with a side dish (choice of hand cut fries, seasoned fries, skinny fries, tatter tots, cottage cheese, celery sticks). I like to add cheddar cheese and grilled onions for 50 cents each. The burger seems even bigger than it is listed and I often take half home. Its still good reheated a couple of days later. Other items which can be added to the burger include egg, bacon, other cheeses, sautéed mushrooms, jalapenos, and green pepper

The hand cut French fries were my favorite side from our first visit, but more recently the house made onion rings ($2 up charge) have been so good that I get them more often than not. I could imagine someone coming here just for the onion rings. They are a generous serving and they are nearly as good reheated in an air fryer. A burger and onion rings can be a good meal now and another later.

The pork tenderloin is hand cut in the kitchen and delicious. It is a good size, but not much bigger than the large bun. We have also enjoyed the tacos and Reuben sandwiches.

On our most recent visit, I had beef fajitas. I had never had their fajitas before and was impressed. Dishes like this are more subjective than some others, but I loved the seasoning. They came with some things that I'm not used to with fajitas: steamed rice, refried beans and pickled jalapeno peppers. I really enjoyed this meal (for only $14) and particularly appreciated the jalapenos.

Cronin's dining room
In addition to pool, there are three dart boards and a pinball machine

Cheese burger and French fries
Basic burger with cheese & grilled onion and hand cut fries

Reuben and onion rings - Cronin's Bar and Grill
Reuben sandwich and onion rings

Beef fajitas - Cronin's Bar and Grill
Beef fajitas ($14)

Hand cut pork tenderloin and onion rings ($13)

Pizza at Cronin's in Lenexa, Kansas
Handmade personal pizza - mozzarella plus 4 toppings ($8)

Soft tacos ($2.50 each)

Cronin's Bar and Grill Menu - Lenexa, KansasCronin's Bar and Grill Burger Menu - Lenexa, Kansas
Cronin's Bar & Grill Menu from March 2024

Cronin's Bar and Grill Map - Lenexa, Kansas
Cronin's Bar & Grill Map

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