Pioneer Crossing Park

10401 Shawnee Mission Parkway
Shawnee, Kansas
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Pioneer Crossing Park Map

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Pioneer Crossing Park - Shawnee, Kansas
Poineer Crossing Park
Pioneer Crossing Park - Shawnee, Kansas

Shawnee, Kansas' newest park, Pioneer Crossing Park, was a source of controversy, as Shawnee residents questioned spending nearly a million dollars on the stone & bronze sculptures and a narrow wedge of park land. The 2.2 acre park is on land that previously was a used car lot.

Pioneer Crossing Park features two sculptures designed by local artist Charles Goslin. Goslin's original sculpture of a wagon train has been re-created in a life size, 3-D brick monument. The sculpture of Dick Williams, Wagon Master is created in native limestone and bronze. This park was dedicated as a Sesquicentennial Project when Shawnee celebrated it's 150th birthday in 2006.

Pioneer Crossing Park includes native grasses and plaques commemorating each of the pioneer trails that crossed through Shawnee city limits:

The California Road was a trail though the lads of the Shawnee Indians, running west from Westport through present day Johnson and Douglas Counties. This route was used throughout the 1830s and 1820s by Indians, missionaries, and surveyors.

The Fort Leavenworth Military Road was created in 1837 to run from Fort Leavenworth south to Fort Gibson in Oklahoma. It was part of the route that Congress designated as the border line of the "permanent Indian Frontier."

The Santa Fe Trail was founded in 1821 when William Becknell led a small group of men from Franklin, Missouri to Santa Fe on a trading expedition.

The Oregon Trail lead through the Rocky Mountains. In the Kansas City area, it followed the same route as the Santa Fe Trail until branching off on its own, west of Gardner. Today the route is commonly referred to as the Oregon - California Trail.

A flight of 57 steps at the east end of the park lead up to the children's play area pictured at the bottom of this page. The play area can also be reached from another street.

Charles Goslin sculpture of Shawnee, Kansas wagon master Sick Williams.
Dick Williams was a Shawnee wagon master who led freight wagon trains
along the Santa Fe Trail.

Charles Goslin wagon train sculpture in Shawnee, Kansas

Pioneer woman statue Pioneer Crossing Park

Children's playground 57 steps above Shawnee's Pioneer Crossing Park.

Pioneer Crossing Park Map - Shawnee, Kansas
Pioneer Crossing Park Map

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