Marshall County Museum & Research Library

 1207 Broadway
Marysville, Kansas 66508

Monday - Friday: 1 - 4 PM
Weekends by appointment

Marshall County Museum Map

Marshall County Museum - Marysville, Kansas
Marshall County Museum
Marshall County Museum Research Library - Marysville, Kansas

Marshall County Historical Society's Marshall County Museum is in a beautiful 1891 former County Courthouse in Marysville, Kansas. When a new courthouse was built next door in the 1970s, the courthouse was donated to the Society, rather than being demolished. It is a very handsome building and still has the large courtroom intact, just waiting to be a set for a period movie.  The courtroom is used for weddings, plays, mock trials, and meetings.

The museum slowly grew until in now has rooms of exhibits. The exhibit which I found the most interesting was a room devoted to the Marysville Advocate, which has been the community newspaper since 1885. There is also something cool about 19th century courtrooms/

We visited the museum by appointment on a weekend when it is usually closed, and as a nice gesture, which I think is also done for others, Dixie Talbot of the Historical Society arranged for some ears of corn to be left on the ground east of the Courthouse to attract squirrels and we had the opportunity to photograph the famous black squirrels which Marysville is known for.

Marysville has many 5' fiberglass squirrels from the Black Squirrels on Parade dedicated to the town's mascots. 36 were erected in 2016. Those were renovated and more added in a second parade in 2022 and there are now 51 statues around town.
While you are in Marysville, also visit Koester House Museum & Gardens.

Marysville Advocate newspaper production display
Marysville Advocate gallery

Historic Marshall county court
Former courtroom


Marshall Counoty quilt display
Quilt Room

Marshall County Gypsum mines
History of gypsum mining around Blue Rapids, Kansas since the 1870s

Pump organs

Melanistic eastern gray squirre
Black squirrel on the museum grounds

Marshall County Museum Map - Marysville, Kansas
Marshall County Museum Map

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