Moline Swinging Bridge & Wildcat Creek Waterfalls

 515 N Biddle Street
Moline, Kansas 67353
(620) 647-3665

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Kansas' oldest swinging bridge - Moline, Kansas
Moline Swinging Bridge and Waterfall - Moline, Kansas

The swinging footbridge over Wildcat Creek in Moline, Kansas was built in 1904, making it the oldest swinging bridge in Kansas. There are a pair of low waterfalls just above the bridge and a picnic area along the river.

When passing through Moline on US-160 you will see a sign saying that Moline has the oldest hanging pedestrian bridge in Kansas. Just a block west of the main street.

Wildcat Creek Waterfalls
Wildcat Creek Waterfalls - Moline, Kansas

Moline Swinging Bridge

Moline Swinging foot Bridge

Wildcat Creek Water fall

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