MuleSkinner Lodge

19010 W Road
Denison, Kansas 66419

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Muleskinner Lodge - Denison, Kansas
Muleskiner Lodge
Muleskinner Lodge - Denison, Kansas

Archive Page Only. The Muleskinner Lodge operated for about 10 years and is no longer operated. This page remains up for those who are interested in what this unique lodging was like.

The Muleskinner Lodge in Denison, Kansas opened in 2008. It is a one room B&B in a 70 year old barn which had belonged to the son of Caroline Kerns. Tim died about 12 years earlier and Caroline spent several years 100% renovating the barn into a unique retreat. The lodge has a spectacular porch which wraps around two sides.

The bathroom includes a woodland pool shower stall with a natural rock water fall, a sink made from a hollow log, and a stone floor which looks as if a creek is flowing between the stones. The Lodge many other nice features, including a 4 person hot tub, two gas fireplaces, and an intercom which can bring the sounds of the outdoors into the room. 

Caroline's enthusiasm can be a bit overwhelming. Expect to spend some time being shown all of the things she has loving done to the property.

The Muleskinner Lodge is 10 miles from the closest restaurant, so guests have the options of cooking in the modest kitchen, or having Caroline prepare supper for only $15 additional (2009 price) for two people. We took that option and were pleased with the meal. It started with salad, that was more of a chopped relish tray, with a sweet dressing on the side. The meal continued with wonderful country fried potatoes and slices of stuffed pork tenderloin. Best of all was the Mango/Apple Galette. We were left a whole small pie, which we enjoyed warmed in the microwave, with ice cream.

Beverages are limited to coffee, water or apple cider, so you would probably want to bring something of your own. 

Breakfast was standard and good. We had wonderful pancakes with La Vencedora (homemade vanilla syrup) and Caroline's own frozen peaches. Also sausage and some spicy scrambled eggs which probably had a fancy name, but I forgot to ask. We were also offered cereal. Note: more recent visitors to Muleskinner Lodge report that breakfast is no longer served, but that breakfast food is left for guests to prepare for themselves. It may no longer be accurate to call this a B&B.

Alcohol is not permitted on the property.

I had assumed that there was no TV at the Muleskinner Lodge, but there was a set with an antenna that brings in weak signals from several channels. There is also a DVD player, but only 3 movies on hand.

Muleskinner is on the edge of the small community of Denison. Although the Lodge is on 20 acres of Kansas Certified Wildlife Habitat, the building is only about 20 feet off the street and there are other homes across the street. But the orientation of the property is such that we were mostly unaware of the other residences.

Muleskinner Lodge porch
There were many wild birds on the property to watch and listen from the porch or the nearby swing.



Sink in a hollow log

The 4 person hot tub is in a separate part of the building and you have to go outside of the main unit to access it. There is a
tiny room with a separate bathroom, attached to the hot tub room.

Supper for two at the Muleskinner Lodge

Mango/Apple Galette at the Muleskinner Lodge
Mango/Apple Galette

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