National Orphan Train Complex

300 Washington Street
Concordia, Kansas 66901
(785) 243-4471

Tuesday - Saturday: 10AM-12PM   1-4PM
Closed major holidays

Adults $7    4-12 $4
Military $6     under 4 free

National Orphan Train Complex Map

National Orphan Train Complex - Concordia, Kansas
Orphan Train Museum - National Orphan Train Complex
Orphan Train Museum

The National Orphan Train Complex in Concordia, Kansas is dedicated to the preservation of the stories and artifacts of those who were part of the Orphan Train Movement from 1854-1929.

In the 1800s, many families were stricken by poverty, sickness and unemployment. Thousands of children ended up on the streets of New York City because their parents had died or could no longer care for them. The Children's Aid Society responded to the crisis by removing children from the City and taking them to rural settings where there were opportunities for family, work and education. The movement relocated 250,000 children from New York City to rural locations across the country, with over 4,000 children being brought to Kansas..

The Concordia Museum and Research Center opened in 2007 and are dedicated to the preservation of the stories and artifacts of those who were part of the nationwide Orphan Train Movement. The restored Union Pacific depot contains museum displays and information about Orphan Train history. The Morgan-Dowell Research Center houses the Orphan Train archives, gift shop and materials for visitors seeking information on Orphan Train Riders. It is believed that one in every twenty-five Americans is connected to an Orphan Train rider.

Although Concordia was not one of the locations where the Orphan Train stopped, the museum includes an album of photos of Kansas railroad depots with information about how many orphans came to Kansas at each location.

Morgan-Dowell Research Center - Concordia, Kansas
Morgan-Dowell Research Center

Orphan Train Musum - Concordia, Kansas
Exhibits in the Orphan Train Museum

Orphan Train Musum

Orphan Train Musum depot album
This photo album features train depots across Kansas

National Orphan Train Gift Shop - Concordia
Gift Shop

National Orphan Train Complex Map - Concordia, Kansas
National Orphan Train Complex Map

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