Neosho Falls Waterfall

Adjacent to Riverside Park
Neosho Falls, Kansas 66758
(620) 963-7303 

Neosho Falls Waterfall Map

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Neosho Falls Waterfall - Neosho Falls, Kansas
Neosho Falls Waterfall
Neosho Falls Waterfall - Neosho Falls, Kansas

Neosho Falls, Kansas was the first community in Woodson County. There was a rapids on the Neosho River at this location and the early settlers built a dam which has had several uses. The present overflow dam was built in 1935.

The Neosho Falls Waterfall created by the dam is quite attractive and a popular spot for fishing during low water. I think that the falls is more attractive in the fall and late summer, when less water makes the nine foot drop more pronounced, than it is at high water.

Neosho Falls Waterfall is adjacent to Riverside Park which has a playground and camping with showers & utility hook ups.

The community of Neosho Falls peaked at a population of over 500 people, but following a flood in 1951 the population quickly fell. Nearly 200 people live there today, but Neosho Falls is sometimes listed as a ghost town and there are many overgrown abandoned buildings.

Thanks to Kansas Explorer, Ina Kay Zimmerman, who suggested that I visit this waterfall.

Neosho Falls overflow (low-water) dam
This is just one of 12 concrete overflow (low-water) dams on the Neosho River in southeast Kansas

Neoshos Falls power house
Power house on the Neosho River

Neosho Falls, Kansas ghost town
One of the handsome overgrown buildings in Neosho Falls, Kansas

Neosho Falls Waterfall Map - Neosho Falls, Kansas
Neosho Falls Waterfall Map

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