Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue

11950 Strang Line Road
Olathe, Kansas 66062
(913) 782-6858

Open for lunch and supper on
Monday through Saturday
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Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue - Olathe, Kansas

Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue in Olathe, Kansas is Oklahoma Joe's second location. The first location is in a working gasoline station in Kansas City, Kansas. But the Olathe location is much larger and serves the same food. 

Oklahoma Joe's is known for a wide of variety of quality smoked meats. The French fries are fresh, but order them unseasoned unless you want a lot of sodium and spice.

I often have Joe's 1/2 smoked chicken and and one side. They are a generous meal for only $7.69. But on a recent visit, I ordered the Z-Man Sandwich, unseasoned French fries and a small side of smoked chicken gumbo. The Z-Man is brisket, smoked provolone topped with two onion rings on a kaiser bun ($5.99). The huge order of fries is $2.39 and the gumbo is $2.79.

The gumbo was good, as always, though it may be too spicy for some. The Z-Man was one of the best sandwiches I have had any time in Kansas City! 

Oklahoma Joe's serves chili through the winter months. I like it it lot - meaty, sweet and flavorful with no beans. It might have been a little too mild for my taste, but they offer onions and diced jalapenos (and cheese) on top, which made it just right. They also provide several hot sauces.

I used to warn people about the extremely long lines at the Olathe Oklahoma Joe's at meal times. It was so bad that I wouldn't go there for lunch if I couldn't arrive before 11:15AM or after 12:45PM, but since the opening of a third Oklahoma Joe's in leawood, the lines have grown much more manageable. There may still be 5-20 people in line waiting to order, but there are many counter staff and they can move that line reasonably fast.
The original Kansas City, Kansas location of Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue was featured on the August 11, 2010 Tv episode of Man VS Food. The TV show made the beef burnt ends look as wonderful as they are and I predict that Oklahoma Joe's will see a lot of business from the episode. I bet they will be running out burnt ends regularly for a while.

The Man VS Food - Kansas City episode also featured Stroud's in Kansas CIty, Missouri and a food challenge at Papa Bob's BBQ in Kansas City, Kansas.

Tip: When lines are long, call in an order to go at (913) 782-6858 and pick up the order at the bar.

Oklahoma Joe's dining room
Small portion of Oklahoma Joe's dining room

Oklahoma Joe's regular and "Night of the Living BBQ" sauces.
I prefer the Night of the Living BBQ - which isn't too hot.

Oklahoma Joe's Z-man sandwich and smoked chicken gumbo
"Unseasoned" French fries, Z-Man sandwich and smoked chicken gumbo

Olathe Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue menu
Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue menu from February 2010

Oklahoma Joe's Kansas City Barbecue Shop adjacent to the restaurant

Oklahoma Joe's Map - Olathe, Kansas
Oklahoma Joe's Map

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