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Olathe Cowboy Boot at Kansas School for the Deaf
Read Any Good Boots Lately? - Olathe Library
Read Any Good Boots Lately?   Artist: Chris and Sue Langseth

The cowboy boot was arguably invented at Olathe Boot, which started making custom boots in Olathe, Kansas in 1873. Olathe Boot (alternately Hyer Boot Company) sold to a Texas firm in 1977 but continued to manufacturer boots in Olathe until 2001. 

During 2007 Olathe Sesquetennial celebration, the community sponsored Welcome Home! Cowboy Boots! a public art exhibition that displayed 12 6-foot tall fiberglass boots that were designed and created by area artists. The cowboy boots were displayed around Olathe, prior to being sold at a fund raising auction.

At least some of the Welcome Home! Cowboy Boots! remain on exhibit in Olathe: 

  • The Mahaffie Farmstead Boot was moved to new Olathe Heritage Center at 1200 Kansas City Road.
  • The Hyer-KSD Connection remains on display at the Kansas School for the Deaf at 450 E. Park Street, but was moved to the center of the campus, near the cafeteria, and can not be seen without entering the grounds.
  • The Sole of Downtown is in front of the City Street Maintenance facility at 400 East Harold Street.
  • Read Any Good Boots lately? is displayed within the Olathe Public Library at 201 E Park, Olathe.
Please email the location of any other Welcome Home! Cowboy Boots! on display around the Olathe area or elsewhere.

Read Any Good Boots Lately? features books for or about Kansas

Hyer-Kansas School for the Deaf Connection - Olathe, Kansas
Hyer-Kansas School for the Deaf Connection Artist: Barbara T. Adams. Hyer employed
many deaf workers at Olathe Boot Company until C.H. Hyer and Sons, Inc. closed in 1978.
See detailed photo at top of this page.

Mahaffie Farmstead Boot - Olathe, Kansas
The Mahaffie Farmstead Boot was originally displayed next to the Olathe City
Hall, but is now inside the new Heritage Center 1200 Kansas City Road, Olathe.

The Sole of Downtown - Olathe, Kansas
The Sole of Downtown by Diane Porter Triplett displays historic downtown Olathe buildings

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