Go Chicken Go

1000 S Harrison Street
Olathe, Kansas 66061
(913) 780-5900

Monday - Thursday: 10AM - 10PM
Friday - Saturday: 10AM - 11PM
Sunday 11AM - 10PM

Go Chicken Go menu   Go Chicken Go Menu

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Go Chicken Go - Olathe, Kansas
Go Chicken Go
Go Chicken Go - Olathe, Kansas

The first Go Chicken Go was started by Bill and Mary Hendrx in Kansas City, Kansas in 1969. They opened their fried chicken restaurant in a "Go Gas" gasoline station. Their three sons purchased the restaurant in 1985 and expanded to 5 restaurants, including this location in Olathe, Kansas.

Up until preparing this review, I had only tried Go Chicken Go's fried gizzards and livers. The gizzards are particularly popular where I work and when someone makes a Go Chicken Go run, they end up bringing back at least 6 orders and a few extra servings of the secret hot sauce "G-Sauce."

But preparing to write this review I tried several items. I wasn't impressed with the mashed potatoes, French fries, Cole's slaw or rolls, but the the fried chicken at Go Chicken Go is as good as I have had anywhere in Olathe.

The Go Chicken Go building is nothing special, but everything is clean, including the rest rooms. Go Chicken G0 offers counter or drive up service.

A 3 piece chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, cole slaw and 2 Rolls runs $7.98. 5 wings are $8.93 with the same sides or $6.15 with just a roll. A bottle of the popular Go Chicken Go G-sauce is $3.49.

Go Chicken G0 counter

Go Chicken Go dining room
Go Chicken Go dinning room

Olathe Go Chicken Go menu
Olathe Go Chicken Go menu in January 2014

fried chicken at Go Chicken Go in Olathe, Kansas
2 piece snack $4.79

Go Chicken Go fried chicken gizzards
1/2 order of fried chicken gizzards with roll and special hot sauce $4.54

Go Chicken Go Menu - Olathe, Kansas
Go Chicken Go Menu

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