Old Castle Museum
Baker University

 511 5th Street
Baldwin City, Kansas 66006
(785) 594-8380

Open by appointment only 

Old Castle Museum Map

Old Castle Museum - Baldwin City, Kansas
Old Castle Museum
Palmyra Post Office and Old Castle Museum - Baldwin City, Kansas

The 1858 Old Castle Museum in Baldwin City, Kansas is in the first building which was built at Baker University. The museum focuses on the history of Kansas, the Methodist Church, and Baker University.

On one side of the museum is a replica of the Kibbee Cabin. The original cabin was where a group of Methodist ministers gathered and decided to form a college in Palmyra, Kansas, which later became Baldwin City. 

On the other side of the museum, is the building which housed Blood’s Grocery and the post office in Palmyra, Kansas from 1857-1862. It was a stop on the Santa Fe Trail. The building was relocated several times over the years and moved to a different location on the Baker University campus in 1976. It was moved to its present location in the 1980s to make room for the Sports Complex.

Main floor gallery

The bullets and drum in this case are believed to have been used at the Battle of Black Jack, near Baldwin City on
June 2, 1856. The other items were not. The Battle of Black Jack is where John Brown began his armed war against slavery.

2nd floor gallery

Kibbee Cabin replica - Baker University
Kibbee Cabin replica

Old Castle Museum Map - Baldwin City, Kansas
Old Castle Museum Map

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