Museum at Prairiefire

 5801 West 135th Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66224
(913) 333-3500

Sunday: 12 - 5 PM   All other days: 10 AM - 3PM
Great Hall Free
$5 for all ages

Museum at Prairiefire Map
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Museum at Prairiefire - Overland Park, Kansas
Museum at Prairiefire
Museum at Prairiefire - Overland Park, Kansas

Museum at Prairiefire is located in the retail development of the same name in Overland Park, Kansas. Despite the attractive building, the museum his smaller than we expected. Visiting the Great Hall is free, and that may take the average person 20 minutes or less. The most popular free exhibit appears to be the Alive Experience, where you can design and name a dinosaur then step out into the Great Hall and look up at the screen showing you and your dinosaur in real time.

Admission to visit the children's discovery room or to view rotating temporary exhibits from the American Museum of Natural History has been significantly reduced from the amount during the first few years and is now $5 for all ages.

The museum has a variety of programs including Animal Encounters (up close looks at some of the animals) in the Discovery Room on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Other events include 45 minutes sessions of the Little Explorer's Club, Junior Adventurers at the Museum (JAM) for elementary aged, and SciFun Camps for elementary and middle school. Adults have monthly Virtual Science Happy Hour dynamic Zoom presentations on science. There are also occasional Cinema & Science presentations at the adjacent AMC Prairiefire movie theater.

There is free parking nearby.

Entrance to the Museum at Prairiefire.

Design a dinosaur in this room - then see it on a TV screen with your party in the Great Hall.

The screen showing dinosaurs created in the previous room.

Replica cast of the Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered by Kansas native Barnum Brown.

These are the only real fossils in the Museum at Prairiefire

Museum at Prairiefire gift shop

Museum at Prairiefire Map - Overland Park, Kansas
Museum at Prairiefire Map

Museum at Prairiefire

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