Tiki Heads

 7715 West 79th Street
Overland Park, Kansas 66204

Archive page only. The Tiki heads
were gone when last visited.

Overland Park Tiki Heads Map

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Overland Park Tiki Heads - Easter Island sculptures

Overland Park Tiki Heads

Archive Page Only. The Tiki Heads were gone when we last checked on them. If anyone knows the details, please email.

The search for these Tiki Heads in Overland Park, Kansas took several hours spread over a few months. The first location for Todd Baker's Tiki Heads that I found online, proved to be wrong, as was the second. 

But I found the single Tiki Head that is shown at the bottom of this page, near the second location. The owner of that home said that Todd Baker, who carves the Easter Island moai style head had formerly lived nearby, but had moved a few blocks farther east, on 79th Street just west of old downtown Overland Park.

Todd Baker's front yard has seven 3 - 8 feet tall Tiki heads, which he has carved out of stumps with a chain saw. When I visited the home, there was another stump awaiting sculpture, in the back yard.

This is a private residence, so please just view these sculptures from the street. You may also enjoy the first one that I found, a few block west at the corner of Antioch and 81st Street.

moai - Easter Island statues in Overland Park

Easter Island figures

TIki Head
Single Tiki head at 8100 Antioch Road in Overland Park.

Overland Park Tiki Heads Map
Overland Park Tiki Heads Map

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