Prairie Fire Festival

Cottonwood Falls, Kansas
April 7-12, 2014

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Cottonwood Falls Dam & Bridge

Prairie Fire Festival - Cottonwood Falls, Kansas

The Prairie Fire Festival in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas is a six day event in tribute to the ranchers of the Flint Hills of Kansas who participate in the annual range management practice of burning the prairie. Activities include free seminars, demonstrations, art displays, quilt displays, and musical performances.

The biggest event of the 2014 Prairie Fire Festival week is the Friday evening K-177 BlueGrass Pickin' gathering. In 2008 more than 30 musicians participated in the blue grass jam session.

In 2014, the Festival will explore the Prairie history, nature and art. Jeff Davidson tells us about the physical history of the Flint Hills/TallGrass Prairie region of Kansas, and there willbe a week-long photography event throughout downtown Cottonwood Falls. 

blue grass jam session
Friday night blue grass jam session in 2008 - I felt like I was tucked away in the corner of a kitchen watching
a large family get together and make music.


George LeRoux, owner of the Flint Hills Prairie Bison Reserve.
George LeRoux, owner of the Flint Hills Prairie Bison Reserve near Maxwell, Kansas
making a presentation about prairie mammals. Saturday had a full schedule of events.

Cottonwood Falls, Kansas artisits at work.
Flint Hills Art Society - Demonstration & Display.

Fire on the Kansas Prairie.
Photo of fire on the prairie taken southeast of Cottonwood Falls.

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