Pusan Restaurant & Korean Dinner

1634 N Washington Street
Junction City, Kansas 66441
(785) 238-8848

Open 11AM - 7:30PM
Tuesday - Saturday
(confirmed 6/07/12)

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Pusan Restaurant - Korean Food
Pusan Restaurant & Korean Dinner - Junction City, Kansas

Pusan Restaurant & Korean Dinner is the kind of tiny out of the way restaurant that we all hope to find. The woman who is usually behind the counter has run Pusan Dinner for 20 years. She is funny and friendly, though I we have a bit of a communication barrier.

On your first visit, get the Lunch Special. It is $6.45 before 1:30 PM and $9.95 the rest of the day. After about 5 minutes the food will come - generous portions of bulgogi, 2 mando, fried rice, several different types of kimchi, and garlic chicken wings. Wonderful food! I particularly like the bulgogi (thin strips of slightly sweet BBQ steak), cucumber kimchi and radish kimchi. I like the Lunch Special so well, it is what I get every time that I visit Pusan Restaurant & Korean Dinner.

Many people consider Pusan Restaurant & Korean Dinner to have the best food in Junction City and the best Korean food in the state of Kansas. I'm not sure that the selection is largest to make that claim, but the food the Pusan Restaurant serves is very good! Since this restaurant is only a couple of miles off the freeway, this has become my regular stop.

My only complaint about Pusan Dinner is the hours - closing at 7:30PM, and closed Sunday & Monday (not that I begrudge anyone wanting to have Sundays off). But if you are passing through Junction City a little after 7:30PM, check to see if they might still be open. If they are busy, they stay open a little later.

Pusan Restaurant & Korean Dinner lunch special.
Lunch Special: bulgogi, 2 mando, fried rice, several different
types of kimchi, and garlic chicken wings.

Pusan Restaurant and Korean Dinner menu.
Pusan Diner menu from January 2009.

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