Rock and Critter Garden

745 Y Road
Wetmore, Kansas 66550
(785) 866-5685

Day light hours - Drive by or
call ahead to stroll the garden

Rock and Critter Garden Map

Kansas Grassroots, Outsider & Folk Art

Rock and Critter Garden - Wetmore, Kansas
Rock and Critter Garden
Rock and Critter Garden - Wetmore, Kansas 

The Rock and Critter Garden northeast of Wetmore, Kansas is a grassroots arts environment created by retired farmer and welder Paul Fritz. Normally it is limited to viewing from Y Road, but you may be permitted to walk around the metal critters if you call ahead.

The critters include several huge ants on an ant hill, a crocodile, spiders, lady bug, and grasshoppers. There are also skeletal moose, elephant, rhinoceros, dinosaurs, and a giraffe. The critters are set in a garden with ornamental trees, flowers, shrubs and many large decorative rocks. There are a couple of metal human figures by the driveway.

Paul and Martha Fritz started working on the garden when they sold their dairy cattle in 1995 and many of the large stones come from their own land, while others have come from neighboring land, sometimes in exchange for welding. When Paul retired from welding in 2004, he began turning metal cattle fencing into arbors and a tower. The wonderful metal sculptures began in just the past few years.

The front garden covers 20 acres, but Paul and Martha's gardens continue back as far as you can see.

Dinosaur skeletons


Elephant metal sculpture

Giraffe sculpture

Rhino and Owl

Moose sculpture

Ant hill with giant ants
Ant Hill

Human figures near the driveway

crocodile sculpture
Lady bug and crocodile

Rock and Critter Garden Map - Wetmore, Kansas
Rock and Critter Garden Map

Kansas Grassroots, Outsider & Folk Art

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