Safari Zoological Park

Route 1, Box 158D
Caney, Kansas 67333
(620) 515-2885

Open seven days a week in summer
Closed late Fall until Spring
One hour tour: Adults  $10      Ages 2-12 & 60+  $8
longer visits $17       no credit cards

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Safari Zoological Park - Caney, Kansas
Safari Park Zoo (Safari Zoological Park)

The Safari Zoological Park is a private zoo, just east of Caney, Kansas, near the Oklahoma state line. Their hours can be a bit irregular and the zoo may not open during poor weather, so be sure to call and confirm before visiting.

The Safari wildlife park began as a personal collection of animals. In time it grew and people kept contacting the owners to ask about seeing the animals. The owners decided to open to the public and let the visitors help with the cost of operation. That was 18 years ago and the Safari Zoo did fairly well until the past two years. Recently, the number of visitors has dropped 60% and they are considering moving to Bartlesville, OK.

The small zoo has primates, large cats of several species, bears, wolves, foxes, and tropical birds. A guide takes you though the park on a one hour tour. It was hot the day the zoo was visited, and the grizzly bear wouldn't come out, even though the guide tried coaching him with chocolate chip cookies (his favorite).

The tour of Safari Zoological Park concluded at a small pond, where the little girl in our group fed blue gills and turtles (red eared sliders & snapping) animal crackers. 

On the plus side, the private tour of the Safari Zoo gives you a chance to learn a great deal about the animals, both as individuals and as a species. And you are closer to the animals than you are at all but the smallest zoos.

On the minus side, Safari Zoological Park is much smaller than the name led me to expect. The cages make photography challenging, and the smaller enclosures make the Safari Zoo less visually satisfying than many Kansas zoos. 

The Safari Zoological Park is one mile east of Caney on 1425 Road. Follow the signs from Highway 75.

The prices quoted above for the Safari Zoo were in effect in October, 2011 for 1 hour tours. Longer visits to the zoological park were available for an additional charge. The zoo is also offering "creationist science" tours or full day Creation Camp for $135/person (10 person minimum) or two day Creation Camp for $250/person.

White Bengal Tiger at Safari Zoological Park in Canery
Chemi, female Royal White Bengal Tiger (Panthera Tigris)


male Siberian Tiger at Safari Zoological Park
Saber - male Siberian Tiger

This 18 year od female lion is the grandmother of some of the lions in the zoological park.

red eared slider turtle at  at Safari Zoological Park
Red Eared Slider (Trachemys scripta elegans)

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