Shawnee Indian Mission

3403 West 53rd Street
Fairway Kansas 66205
(913) 262-0867

Wednesday-Saturday, 10am-5pm 

adults: $5     students: $1     under 5: free

Shawnee Indian Mission Map
Shawnee Methodist Mission Cemetery

Shawnee Indian Museum North Building
North Building (1845) served as the dormitory & school for Native American girls
Shawnee Indian Mission - Fairway, Kansas
The West Building (1839) at left was used for classrooms and living quarters for superintendents & teachers

The Shawnee Indian Mission in Fairway, Kansas served as a manual training school for children from the Shawnee, Delaware and other Indian nations from 1839-1854 and continued as a school without manual training until 1862. In 1839, the first wheat crop in Kansas was grown at the Shawnee Indian Mission.

The territorial governor, Andrew Reeder, established his offices at the mission in 1854. The first territorial legislature met at the mission in 1855 after adjourning from the first territorial capital at present day Fort Riley. During the legislative session the "bogus laws" were passed in an attempt to further slavery in Kansas.

The mission was also a supply point on the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails and an Union camp during the Civil War.

Thomas Johnson, the Methodist missionary who founded Shawnee Indian Mission, is buried in the nearby Shawnee Methodist Mission Cemetery. He was killed in 1865 for his antislavery sentiments. 

My favorite part of Shawnee Indian Museum is the attractive grounds nestled in a busy suburb, with three of the oldest buildings in Kansas. 

East Building (1840) served as chapel, classrooms, and teacher living quarters. The boys slept in the attic

19th century timber frame cabin replica constructed with traditional tools in 1997

Shawnee Indian Mission Map - Fairway, Kansas
Shawnee Indian Mission Map

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