Smoky Hills Wind Farm
North of I-70, 20 miles
west of Salina, Kansas
(978) 296-6841

Gray County Wind Farm
 Wolf Creek nuclear power plant

Smokey Hills Wind Farm - I-70 in Kansas
Smokey Hills Wind Farm
All t photos of the Smoky Hills Wind Farm on this page, except this one, were all taken from I-70

The newest wind energy project in Kansas is the Smoky Hills Wind Farm along Interstate 70 in Ellsworth and Lincoln Counties. Smoky Hills Wind Farm is located 20 miles west of Salina.

Smoky Hills is the largest wind farm in Kansas and more than 100 landowners are participating in the project. Including the land used for roads, turbine foundations and maintenance buildings, less than two percent of the 20,000 acres covered by the wind farm will be removed from agricultural service.

The first two phases of the Smoky Hill Wind Farm have been completed and at peak production the wind farm can generate 250 MW of electricity. The electricity is produced by 140,000 pound Vests V80 1.8-megawatt wind turbines.

The energy is being delivered to five local utilities: Sunflower Electric Power Corporation, Midwest Energy, the Kansas City Board of Public Utilities, the City of Independence, Missouri and the City of Springfield, Missouri.

Smoky Hills Wind Farm is operated by Enel North America, a division of Enel - Italy's largest power company, and Europe's second biggest utility.

Smoky HIlls WInd Farm - Ellsworth County and Lincoln County

Wind Turbines at Smoky Hill Wind Farm in central Kansas

Smoky HIll wind farm as seen from I-70

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