St. Joseph Catholic Church

107 N Oak Street
Damar, Kansas 67632
(785) 839-4343

open during daylight hours
mass served Sunday at 9AM 

St. Joseph Church stained glass window
St. Joseph's Catholic Church - Damar, Kansas
St. Joseph Church
When Damar, Kansas was settled in the 1880s, most land available to the public was gone, but under the Homestead act, Civil War veteran Francis St. Peter was able to purchase one hundred and sixty acres of land in western Rooks County, Kansas. St. Peter was French Canadian and more French Canadian settlers soon joined him.

The first community was a couple of miles away, but when the railroad came through, the community and the first small wooden church were moved to the present location. The new building was built over many years. 

The towers at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Damar were completed in 1913, but the first mass wasn't celebrated until 1917. Some of the nicest features at St. Joseph's were added during renovation in the 1940s and early 1950s.

After many years of deferred maintenance, significant work on the church is necessary, St. Joseph's Catholic Church has secured $190,000 in grants, and with additional money from the congregation, had important work performed in 2006 and 2007.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church is open to visitors 7 days a week. Mass is celebrated early each morning, call (785) 839-4343 for times. The interior of St. Joseph's is quite beautiful, particularly the marble like, schglioia covered pillars.

1940s stained glass window

St. Joseph's Catholic Church sanctuary

Saint Joseph Catholic Church - Damar, Kansas

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