Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers

5950 Southeast Croco Road
 Berryton, Kansas 66409
(785) 633-7374

Free admission
pay a dollar a bloom for any sunflowers you take with you, on the honor system

Final day for 2017: August 27

Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers Map

Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers - Berryton, Kansas
Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers
Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers - Berryton, Kansas

The newest public sunflower farm in northeast Kansas is Berry Hill UPick Farm in Berryton, Kansas, just south of Topeka. The owners of Berry Hill UPick decided to plant sunflowers to help draw attention to their strawberry farm. The farm is new just this year and with the popularity of the Grinter's Sunflower Farm in Leavenworth County, this seemed like a great way to gain visibility.

Katelyn and Jay Shively planted 2½ acres of black oil sunflower seeds on June 15, 2017 and the photos on this page were taken on Thursday, August 10. The blooms are opening quickly and the fields should be impressive this weekend, with a peak sometime next week. Check on the progress of the sunflower bloom at the Facebook Page.

There is no charge for visiting the sunflower field, but donation boxes will be set out. In particular, professional photographers having sessions at Berry Hill are encouraged to donate.

With this being the first year, the sunflower field is relatively small. The Shively's request that people not pick sunflowers this year, but if you cannot help yourself, please leave a dollar per bloom.

For the best photography, come on a sunny day in the first couple of hours after sunrise or before sunset. 

Be sure to respect the farm and the neighbors. Please do not go onto other property and carry out your trash. Do not park on the street or in the neighbor's drive way. The parking will become very muddy when it rains and there is a risk of getting stuck in the first 24 hours after a heavy rain. 

There are no restrooms or other facilities.

Berry Hill Sunflowers - Topeka, Kansas
Berry Hill Sunflowers as of August 10, 2017

Berry Hill Sunflower Field
The front and one side of the sunflower field has been cleared to provide parking

Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers Map - Berryton, Kansas
Berry Hill UPick Farm Sunflowers Map

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