Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch

1053 NE 14th Street (old Highway 40)
Abilene, Kansas 67410 
(785) 825-4813

Open by appointment

Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch Map

Wooly Works Alpacas - Abeline, Kansas
Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch - Abeline, Kansas
Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch

Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch is located on Old US Highway 40, on the east side of Abilene, Kansas. The ranch belongs to Dr. Paul & Linda Ellison who market yarn and clothing (sweaters, coats, hats and socks) made from the alpaca wool. After finding the Wooly Works clothing in the Old Abilene Town General Store, I called Linda Ellison to ask if I might visit and photograph the Alpaca Ranch. She was out of town, but gave me permission to tour the ranch and take the photos which you see here.

The alpacas have wonderful expressive faces. Many of them appeared to have huge smiles - almost like clown faces. In addition to several flocks of alpaca, I also stumbled across a barn cat with a nest of 6 kittens.

The ranch also sells breeding stock. Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch does not have regular open hours, but call in advance to schedule a visit.

alpacas - Abilene, Kansas.


Kansas kittens
A nest of barn kittens  (Prints & cards of this photo)

Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch Map - Abilene, Kansas
Wooly Works Alpaca Ranch Map

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