Eric Abraham's Flying Pig Studio & Gallery

123 South Main Street
Lucas, Kansas 67648

Archive Page only 
The Flying Pig Studio has closed

Flying Pig Studio & Gallery Map

Flying Pig Studio and Gallery - Lucas, Kansas
Flying Pig Studio and Gallery
Flying Pig Studio and Gallery - Lucas, Kansas


Archive page only - Eric Abraham passed away on September 7, 2013 and he gallery has closed.

Flying Pig Studio & Gallery, was owned by artist Eric Abraham, who moved to Lucas, Kansas in 2004. The whimsical fine porcelain studio occupies an older limestone building next to Brant's Meat Market and is within walking distance of the Garden of Eden, World's Largest Collection of World's Smallest Versions of World's Largest Things, Grassroots Art Center, Florence Deeble's Rock Garden, and the Garden of Isis.

The building used by the Flying Pig Studio & Gallery was a former farm implement store and automobile dealership. In addition to the gallery and studio, it provides living space and a place for Eric to display his collection of old cameras and 150 old radios.

Although the Flying Pig Gallery is located in the Grassroots Capital of Kansas, Eric Abraham was not a self taught artist. Eric has a bachelor of fine arts from the Kansas City Art Institute, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska.

"The Great Fairy Tale Sink and Mirror Set" 

Porcelain Oil Lamp - "A fabulous seven headed dragon to
make your day seven times as wonderful!"

Flying Pig Gallery
Flying Pig Gallery display from 2011

Flying Pig art cars - Lucas, Kansas
Flying Pig art cars outside the gallery in 2011

Unfinished figurines

Flying Pig Studio kiln

Eric Abraham - Artist.
The late Eric Abraham in 2005 - his web site

Flying Pig Studio and Gallery Map - Lucas, Kansas
Flying Pig Studio & Gallery Map

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