Glenn Stark Park
AKA Depot Park

Main Street and Sherman Street
Kingman, Kansas 67068

Archive Page - Permamently closed

Map to Glenn Stark Art Environment

Kansas Grassroots folk art 

Glenn Stark Park - Kingman, Kansas
Depot Park
Glenn Stark Park - Kingman, Kansas

Archive Page on;y. Glen Stark Park has been permamently closed. The city says that the art was weathering outdoors and is temporarily stored, but they have not said where it is start or anything about future plance.

Glenn Stark was a grassroots artist who did fine wood carving and built larger sculptures using a metal framework and concrete. His work was displayed at his home in Kingman, Kansas until his death in 2014. The art has since been moved to other locations including this park in downtown Kingman where about 20 of his concrete sculptures have been moved.

It is good to see this work being preserved and honored, but at this time the park lacks character. Hopefully more will be done to display the work in an interesting way as the park continues to develop. Please go on to Page 2 and Page 3 to see how the art was originally displayed at Glenn and Mary Stark's home.

Glenn Stark Park


"Good Old Days"

Hagar the Horrible and Kvack are constructed of concrete and mesh over a steel frame and
held the mail box at Glen Stark's home.

Lion of Saint Mark statue by Glen Stark
Lion of Saint Mark 

These giraffes are some of my favorites. They were a commission for someone who changed her mind.

Dinosaur with leg sticking out of mouth 

Glenn Stark's bison (buffalo) have been moved to a high point east of Kingman on the north side of US-54.

Glenn Stark Park Map - Kingman, Kansas
Glenn Stark Park Map

Glenn Stark Art once displayed in his yard    Glenn Starks wood carving
Glenn Stark's family page from 2006

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