The Art of Glenn Stark
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This is an archive page showing the late Glenn Stark's
art it was displayed in his home.

Seeing Glenn Stark Art Today

Glenn Stark Art once displayed in his yard

Glenn Stark's Kansas Bedbug
2 foot turtle - a "Kansas Bedbug"
Glen Stark minature sculptures

Glenn Stark was once a Baptist preacher. Some of his smaller sculptures are used to illustrate some of the messages which he delivered. Others are purely for beauty or fun.

The eagle at right is made of walnut.



Glenn Stark minature animals
Dachshunds are one of Glenn's favorite subjects for smaller works

University of Kansas carpentery shop
Carving from many years ago when Glenn worked at the University of Kansas. Glenn is the one on the right.

The photo below shows Glenn with one of the sculptures he was working on in 2006 - a recreation of Rodin's "The Thinker." Glenn has built several of the tools he uses for sculpting wood, but then it comes down to the fine work, he prefers a pocket knife. Notice the wheels used to make the sculpture easier to move while the piece is under construction.


Seeing Glenn Stark Art Today   Glenn Stark Art once displayed in his yard   Glenn Stark's family page from 2006

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