Holy Cross Cemetery

Northwest edge of town
Pfeifer, Kansas 67660
(785) 735-2395

Holy Cross Church
St. Fidelis Cemetery - Victoria, Kansas

Holy Cross Cemetery
Holy Cross Cemetery - Pfeifer, Kansas

Holy Cross Cemetery in Pfeifer, Kansas has many unusual grave markers. The cemetery is a couple of blocks away from Holy Cross Church at the edge of the tiny community. The 2007 population of Pfeifer was approximately 13 people.

The neat, small cemetery has grave markers dating back over 120 years. Many of them are ornate Volga German iron crosses. The "Wolgadeutsche," who settled much of the area of Kansas around Hays, were German speaking people from the Volga River area of south Russia. These iron crosses are part of their ethnic heritage.

The Catholic parish served by Holy Cross Church and Cemetery was dissolved in 1993. But the few remaining parishioners formed Holy Cross Charities, a non-profit corporation that depends solely upon donations to maintain the cemetery and nearby church. The beautiful former church building is still well maintained and open to visitors daily. Contributions may be sent to   P. 0. Box 5, Pfeifer, KS 67660. 

Holy Cross Cemetery and Church
Holy Cross Cemetery with Holy Cross Church in the distance

Volga German headstones

Kathatina Bender grave marker in Holy Cross Cemetery
Here rests in God 
Kathatina Bender
Died. 13 June 1899 - 60 years old
Eternal peace

Volga German iron crosses

Holy Cross Cemetery

Holy Cross Church
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